What We Do For Fun!

We're all pretty little, and we stay at home almost all the time...so we thought we would share with you a few of the ways we make life 'fun' around here:

We chill, because we're cool guys and we were given nifty seats to perch our little behinds in, while big bro holds our hands during the "scary" parts of Diego.
We show every and anybody who drops by our chickens out in the barn.
If you ask me (the little guy with the soda, who isn't allowed to drink it, but found his daddy's secret stash) which chick is my favorite, I'll immediately point to the one with it's poopy dangling from the rear. I am a boy after all. What else did you expect, mom?

We'll work at the "Craft table" mom set up for us in the corner of the kitchen. We like the chalk board and the scrap peices of paper she has sitting out pretty much all the time. We like it all. For 5 minutes, max. Then we move on...
One late afternoon when we kept noticing mom's arms flopping up in the air and she said a word or two we hadn't heard before, she actually {finally} did something quite brilliant. She plopped our craft table into the center of the kitchen, noisily pulled out a few of her pots and pans, a plastic pitcher (WITH a little water in it! Yay!!!) and some carrots along with Cheerio's for us to make our own soup. We played so long there, that mom actually was smiling when it was dinner time. We were kinda messy, and mom had wet socks by the time we were done, but she didn't seem to mind.

Us girls really, really love to play with the car seats our little brother's used to use. It's not a good scene when there is only one, but when they are both available, it's great! We hang up curtains that were made so beautifully for the kitchen. {Forget the title of this post. I just had to show you my kitchen curtains. My husband had zilch amount of fun mounting these curtains, but like I have said before, he loves me. Enough said}. I just love the cheery pattern and colors!
We go to Dad's barber shop on an occassional Saturday morning.

And now that the weather has broke (at least for now), we put on our prettiest, flounciest skirt that mom bought us at Goodwill, pull on our cowboy boots from Texas and HEAD OUTSIDE!

What do you DO for fun around your home?
(Mom could use a few new ideas!)
Thanks for dropping by!
The Children of the Coffee Cottage


Marian said…
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post!! Keep them coming, they make my day!!
Debbie said…
I love big families. This will all pay off someday. These are definitely the wonder years. It's a wonder you survive them! What a good mom you are! I have three homeschool friends who had 7, 10 and 12 children and homeschooled them all. They all turned out fine too. Are you thinking in that direction?
Awww! You are so stinkin sweet. And what a fun family! I love the saying on the chalk board. I used to sing that song at camp. It had hand motions. I love songs with hand motions. LOL

Now I'll be singing rise and shine and give God the glory, glory all day long now.

Thanks for stopping by and the sweet comment about babies. You are a doll.

At our house, what we do that is really, really fun, is to love, entertain, feed and play with our grandchildren. We build roads out of construction paper, play pretend houses with huge cardboard moving boxes, make cards with stickers and crayons, and wash dishes... You see, we have the cutest little grandchildren in the world!

This was an adorable post!
Ashley said…
LOVE the pictures! Sooo cute! I want to come play!
Ethan & Natalie B. said…
We love when mommy covers the coffee table with paper (she finds rolls of it at the dollar store) and it becomes a blank canvas for our art, a road for matchbox cars, a table cloth for pretend cooking or any other thing we can imagine...
Anonymous said…
gotta love the carrot/cheerio's soup! I may have to try that! :)

Thanks for a look into the day of your sweet children. Only having one...I miss those days more than anything else in this world.

Joyce Marie

About the recipes...that sauce is so versatile...you could add in and take out what your family likes. It is a nice rich sauce. And as far as the bread...I would mix your own wheat flour with some regular flour...all wheat may be too heavy for all the nooks and crannies...but then again...I don't think you could mess this one up.

Glad you liked my recipes!

Judy G said…
You are soooo smart. What a cool mom! May I come and see your chicks too?
well, just yesterday my brother pooped in the grass and then i put it on a plate until Mom saw me and we got in trouble.

Love, Tyler
kbm said…
Oh, Jeane'! What I've been missing by not taking the time to check out your blog (I've been encouraged to do so SO many times!)!
Precious Momma, precious babies, precious home - love it all!
I would love to get my Eve together with your girls to play someday! It would need to be while the chicks are still tiny...I have an irrational DEATHLY fear of chickens. :)

Kristi <3

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