Walls and Roofs

"Change is bad."
~My husband

"I do not mind {most} change"

This afternoon we will officially no longer be owners of our former home. We will sign over the house along the street in which we discovered neighbors who have become family. That will never change. I hope she comes to know what a fabulous little plot of earth she choose to call home...or at least the people surrounding it that make it so. Maybe she will even continue the Labor Day picnic tradition. Or bring marshmallows, graham crackers and Hershey bars across the street on July 4th, when everyone gathers on the small patch of grass that was Danny's to see the fireworks display that shoots off a few blocks away at the local high school. If she's wise enough to open her life up to those around her, she'll find that there is a security guard, a kind soul who would go into the house to see if she really did unplug the iron before she left and that the children love sidewalk chalk.


Our soon to be former home was built in the 1920's, but it's hard to imagine that anyone else lived there but us. And yet...those wall have seen generations of big (& itsy bitsy) brothers, weary mothers, fix-it fathers and screeching sisters.

The walls that watched while an 8 month pregnant with twins woman downs yet another nightly bowl of cereal. They could tell you that her belly served as a feeding trough many a time. (And that the Martha Stewart LIVING magazine was merely a prop. Like she had time to read it! Ha!)

They witnessed the homecoming of newborns and all the
celebrations of the birthdays that followed. If you were to ask, they would whisper that the mother had to dig long and hard in the 'junk drawer' to find that previously used number "1" candle for on top of the cake that the papa bought from Giant on his way home from work that day.
The backyard held many a cook-out...I never have seen ourselves as "entertaining guests", but rather just throwing a few extra (paper)plates on the table.

Moving can be a bittersweet thing. But what's 7 years when compared to 46? That is how long the previous owners of our home, Luke and Collette lived here. Their feelings must have run significantly deeper when they saw this sign on the front of their home.

Wherever we dwell, it is the people that make it home. Truly.
That we have a roof over our heads is more than thousands upon thousands of people can say (with little or no confidence) when they woke up this morning. What roof it is, where it's at and what kind of neighborhood it's in makes little difference--it's how we live while under it's shadow and the gratitude in our hearts as we come and go from it that matters.

Thank you God for the roof of our past, and for the one you have kindly provided for us today.


i miss packing my kids up for the day and treking across PA to come see you, but it sure is nice to know you're just right down the road now!
i am sure it's not easy for you both to say your final goodbyes to your Sterling Street Shelter in Shillington! However, now you have a Beautiful Bountiful Bungalow in Brownstown!
one of my fav quotes: "home is any four walls that enclose the right person."
Michelle said…
I like this post. It even made me a bit teary :) I love when I go to someones house, and walk in, and it feels like a home because of the love that's there. It doesn't matter what's on {or off} the walls, what's on the floor, the state that things are in...it's the people that live there. The families, that fill it with love. And I love feeling that when I walk into others' homes. {Goodness, I have no idea where all this sappiness is coming from!}
LisaShaw said…
What a beautiful message! I pray God's blessings over you and your family in your "next" home and I pray that the presence of the LORD would meet you there...

I pray blessings over the family that will soon occupy this home as well. May they feel the love that was left in that home through Christ.

Blessings to you and your beautiful family.

This made me feel sad, and then happy. So many precious memories from that home of yours. So many dear people. The feeling of happy comes from knowing I won't have to drive that distance to see all of you. Happy because I think of all the new friends and neighbors you will now be blessing because of your friendship and caring. I am amazed that after the crazy busy day you had, that you could create a beautiful, meaningful post like this one. I am totally amazed!
Dale said…
I remember the sadness of leaving our New Holland home to move across the county to Lampeter...you would think it was 1000 miles away. But there was something very special about the home where all the babies arrived and grew...and the warm sweet breezes where I hung out the diapers, (and of course the country smells as well!)and that early season of our lives...God is Gracious and His Love goes with you Everywhere, into all Seasons of Life...Good to see you yesterday!
Happy@Home said…
Your post perfectly captures the bittersweet feelings that occur when moving from one house to another. It sounds like you have wonderful memories and, no doubt, will be creating new memories in your new house.

I love your unique way of eating cereal. I also love seeing your adorable twins on your mom's blog. Oh, and speaking of your mom... you secret about the nude knee highs is safe with me ;-). Thanks for your recent visit.

Happy Easter to you and your sweet family.
Jana said…
I'm so glad we got to know your family. You found a wonderful new house to call home. Change is good (once the dust settles and we all get used to it)! Thanks for the post. It brings back many memories. Miss ya.
consume me... said…
I hear you! I'm cleaning, packing and decluttering our own home and look forward to seeing that "SOLD" sign on the front of it SOON...but truth be told, if I stopped and REALLY looked at all the pictures and projects and handprints I'm finding, I'd be completely done-for. It feels like the place we raise our children in is a part of us...until we realize that the important parts of our move go with us..our memories and our family. Hoping your new home piles up with even more special occasions and memories for your children to look back on!

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