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Redefining A Tribe

I don't write often, but when I do it is usually because a.) a little free therapy is needed after a "real life" experience (see last post) or b.) I've been given a Divine nudge I can't ignore.

Today's post falls under the b.) category and it has to do with a word that means well, but more and more I get a little wary...and weary..from it. Maybe you do too.

No doubt you've seen plenty of messages like this:

This quote can often be found as the caption of a picture of a bevy of beautiful women, arms thrown around each other free from the context of every day life, under a string of lights at a cozy local restaurant or away for the weekend in an out-of-town inn or jamming it out at an old-school concert. The point isn't where, it is what: a group of women who have found safety and belonging in a circle of friendship.

Some times a tribe consists of the same women who have known each other a long time, or a short time, but they are somehow-be it geograph…

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