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Hanging Up On Phone Addiction

*Hello! The following is an essay I wrote for my Composition 101 course (In case you didn't know, I am a (very part time) college student for the very first time.). I thought perhaps my thoughts might mirror yours and I would LOVE suggestions on how you've kept smartphones from taking over your life.  The cord was as taut as it could get, stretched around the corner of the kitchen into the powder bathroom where I sat in the darkness, on the floor, talking to my best friend about the sighting of her current crush. My mom knocked on the door, again, sending a muffled reminder that I had to get off the telephone. I said my reluctant goodbye, promising her I would meet up with her in front of the school the next morning and emerged from my conversation cocoon. I hung up the phone on its holder fastened to the wall and walked away. Boy, I miss those days. Back then, I could not have projected that someday I (and my children) would struggle to hang up the device we call a “phone” tod

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