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Little Fires

Imagine with me if you will or want to:
A big, beautiful stretch of land. People who have inhabited it for a relatively short amount of time have set up camps. They used to be less definitive, but now there are quite obviously two, with a third in the middle (but you have to look close). 
On one side of the horizon, a group of people has amassed around a large fire, seemingly very concerned and concerted in their joint efforts to make certain is as robust and resilient as it can be, not afraid to go to unconventional measure to make it loom larger. 
On the other side of the horizon, another group are also feverishly working together to throw in more kindling, hefting heavy logs and liberally dousing ethenol in hopes their well-established fire will prevail the other.  
There is a somewhat disoriented crowd in the middle, equipped with all the elements required to build their own fire, but they are feeling a little paralyzed and possibly intimidated by the sheer strength of the fires on ei…

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