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The Mother Hood & Why You Belong Here

The Mother Hood.

It is a place which demands a response when thought of, either of ones own experience in it as a child and from either an association or seeming distance from it as an adult. It is an experience lit with varying shades of emotion, from sun-lit joy to a gray shade of grief and for most, a combination of emotional patterns. As we approach Mother's Day, my mind wanders to the women I know who are finding themselves in the hard and holy spaces that encompass this place.

There is the little girl inside who is still working, after years of therapy, to repair what her mother knowingly or unknowingly destroyed. There is also the little girl inside who was loved well, albeit imperfectly, and used that love as a building block to grow up and into herself.

There is the woman who at (mostly) the expected time, in (mostly) the way she hoped for became part of the Hood by a traditional means and is undertaking its duties as best as she knows how. There is also the woman who ra…

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