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Credit and Blame in the Parenting Game

There are people in this world who simply should not be parents. I'm not here to write about them. 
I've just got to say a word about the rest of us.  The large majority of us. 
We are parents who...
...send our children to private school, or public school, or school them at home.
...feed our children an organic, meatless diet or drive-thru McDonalds or serve cereal for dinner.
...spend countless hours on the sports fields or in on mountain trails or theater seats, watching them figure out themselves in their extracurricular pursuits.
...discipline in a traditional sense and those who have a live and let live approach.
...hover and helicopter, free-range it and focus on outcomes. 
...let them have their first phone at five years old and those who make them wait until they can pay for their own.
...have chore charts and organized domestic lifestyles, bitter souls who have forsaken said charts and those who never even tried. 
...potty trained in the womb and those who make the toddler beg t…

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