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A Fellow Named Floyd (& The Wonder of Whimsy)

He has been known for many things. In the early fifties, he was a part of 511 Airborne Division of the United States Army, serving as a paratrooper in Korea. He has been a faithful husband for nearly 64 years to his bride, Patricia and through the years, logged thousands of miles as a truck driver. He joyfully sings in the finest community choirs and hands out Friends and Family Coupons from the local department store when their running the yearly sale. These are just a very few facts about a man named Floyd. The children of our church family simply know him as "The Candy Man".

Every Sunday the bevy of boys in the row in front us (ours included) have been conditioned to excitedly await the passing of the plate and the ushers have learned to brace themselves for the onslaught of hands seeking the Root Beer Barrels and Fire Balls hidden under white offering envelopes, placed there first by Floyd, who is one of the first to pass the plate in his pew up front. Every Sunday …

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