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The Importance Of The Small-Scale

Hello, there!

Nearly two years has passed since I've opened the door to this proverbial cottage. It has crossed my mind now and again to dust off this negected space and try my hand at typing out my thoughts again, but it was only today I decided to go further and actually step over the threshold.

I don't know why today is the day, other than to say I'm finally comfortable with the fact that while there are more than enough words in the world, there is still room for mine and if need be, they will be delivered to those who might benefit from them. I've grown up in bits and pieces in the time I've been away from this space, bringing me to a place of personal freedom in accepting--even embracing (mostly)--who I am and what I can/cannot contribute. I'm glad for this, because at the very same time, I am doing my level best to keep a tight grip on my sanity on the daily. Speaking of which...

"When my children were babies and toddlers, I had so many more people …

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