Learning from Children

Tonight around the dinner table, I was a zombie and a grump.
A charming combination I assure you. No doubt my husband was thrilled he had walked through the door. It was two straight EARLY mornings ( the 3am kind of early) with ill children that put me in that zombie state. And partially the grump part too.

I was whining to my husband about the doctor's appointment today, in which I sat for 50 minutes in the waiting room, to be seen for a total of 10 in the back.

This little guy looks at me over his spaghetti and says,

"Don't worry, mom. I'll be your doctor. I'll fix your finger."

My cold, weary heart melted and in that moment I would have given him anything he asked for. Luckily he did not know that.

I told him he would be the best doctor in the world, and hands down my favorite one.

"Just sit on the couch and wait for me. I'm the doctor. She (pointing to his little sister beside him) is the nurse. She'll see you first and I'll see you second. I have my stuff in the toy box (his antiquated Fischer Price doctor's kit). Don't worry, mom."

No wonder Jesus wanted to be with the little children, discouraging his friends from shooing them away from Him. He knew of the natural faith that exudes from them. Children are a gift in a multitude of ways. Tonight, this grumpy old troll (mothers of Dora-lovers will get this) discovered yet another one.


oh dear! you aren't alone! thanks for explaining the true charm of our ways, a grumpy zombie! perfecto!!

what a precious thing for Christpoher to say! This post was beautifully written!

p.s. i was inspired by your summertime post!!! so i posted some warmer memories as well!! xoxo

i'm gettin' ready for the next snow storm....i'll be making a quick run to the local liquor store! i kid....sorta!
I am left speechless. He is just the dearest little guy in the whole world!
Wanda said…
Precious and Priceless! Love it! Remember these moments, especially when the kiddies are fighting (maybe yours don't fight). Write these nuggets down in a journal, or better yet, print out your blog so you can treasure this moment forever!!!!
Jeane` said…
No, Wanda, my children do not fight. They primarily sit on the couch and read The Tales of Mother Goose and other equivalent literary works. But that was a nice idea you gave.


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