2 Sides of 1 Second

This morning as the sun rises....

There in front of me lies the perfect picture of peace: a sleeping baby.
I did my level best to savor the moment.


This is what's going on to my right:

(sporting her classic chipmunk expression)

These days 'savoring' comes by the nano-seconds,
not by the full moment.
And it's not neccessarily a bad thing either.
It means our home is full of life.


I totally agree with you. "Multitasking"...the word I now find myself always associating with you. Fortunately for you and for all of us in blogland, a sense of humor sometimes comes along with that word and we all get out needed laughter from it. The little one on the second picture's expression says it all. Loved it!
Katherine said…
Your daughter is so 80's with that ankle bracelet =)
Anonymous said…
I think this is GREAT !!!
Curtis said…

This is REAL life.
I am sooo glad we live
to WONDERFUL life we do!

I think you are WONDERFUL,
a GREAT Mommy, as well as
one HOT babe !!!

Just popping by...and wanted to tell you I so enjoy reading your posts. I am a blogging friend of your mom's...and always wonder how you are coping with twins...plus four. It looks to me like you are managing just fine! Keep writing...your words will be a treasure to your family one day.

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