4 Steps To Sanity During Dinner Prep

It's a blustery, snow night in my corner of the globe. In fact, my corner closely resembles a snow globe. It is lovely.
I thought I would quickly share with you my
"4 Steps to Sanity During Dinner Preparation".
Allow me to offer that these are not steps I recommend, or judge anyone by. They are unique to me and have been invented as I trudge through this precarious stage of motherhood. (Is there any other stage?)
Step #1: Fill, Shake, Suck Air From and Prop up bottles for two hungry little men who CRY for milk precisely as the high pitch of the timer is alerting me to post-al dente`pasta.
(The boys are much more closely monitored than the pasta, I assure you).
Step #2: In a blatant disregard of all good Parenting Manuals, use the Television as a Babysitter. Opt for "repeat episodes" if the hour calls for it. In rare instances, the children might be playing quietly, happily and without so much an interruption. This occurs with the frequency of such events as Summer Solstice and Solar Eclipse'.
I'm not going to address the mess. It is a given. Who's pretending?

Step #3: Give the wild child boundaries. Close, compact boundaries. With a Rubbermaid containers of toys in attempts to fool said child into thinking this is fun.

Step #4: Make a simple dinner. When making Vegetables, I ALWAYS reach for my beloved Pampered Chef Steam Cooker. I like it, I love it, I want some more of it. For all my food. This one tool makes my preparation easier. Way easier.

That's it.
Nothing life altering.
Just in case you were bored, there you have it.
If you are still bored, here are a few pictures from my evolving kitchen...
(if you cannot tell, I am a big fan of red and white).

Artwork on Display

Just A Little Something For Moi....made by mom!

A corner hutch was given to me by a friend who was moving and had no need of it. I am thrilled and thankful to be the recipient. After a bit of putzing around my 'stuff' (and the inexpensive 'stuff' on the shelves at a nearby Homegood's store), I am beginning to enjoy the inside of the hutch as much as the outside!
On this snowy night full of the promise of mounting snow accumulations and family togetherness for the weekend (of which I'm sure the 15 year old man child is thrilled about), father and son sat down for a few rounds of Stratego and then, as seen below, several tense-filled moments with Jenga blocks.

Stay Warm, my friend, wherever you are! Thank you so much for taking time to stop by here. Blogging can be so eggocentric, so onesided. I love your comments, but I wish blogging afforded an even more balanced form of communication between writer and reader.
It probably will someday.
Goodnight, friend.


Your corner cupboard looks so good with all of your red and white vintage touches. Your kitchen is so cozy, inviting, and colorful. I like the ribbon on the wall displaying the children's artwork. Somehow I think you will never run out of papers and creations to display, much to their great joy.

As for your creative parenting skills...they continue to amaze me. It was a joy spending time with all of you late this afternoon. Hope you stay warm.
Michelle said…
Oh Wise One...When I have kids, I shall look to you for advice :) Love your thoughts!
oooh, kitchen envy alert!! kitchen envy alert!! the corner cupboard looks fabulous there! and all that red vintage yuminess!!!!

and i loved this post....a little glimpse into your "world." You are amazing! Just in case no one told you that today.

How are you guys doing over there in this Blizzard of '10? I'm husbandless and surviving with coffee by day and wine by night!!

If I KNEW I could go somewhere, (even if I didn't have too) it would be better, but just knowing I am STUCK here makes my head spin a bit!

1:01 NAPTIME BABY!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Much of my kitchen is red too...and I love it. You mess isn't messy...it is the sweetest kind. I really enjoyed the pictures...we got big snow here in Ohio...now, I am ready for spring.

Have a great weekend,
Joyce Marie
Consume me... said…
your last two posts are my FAVORITE!!! glad your digits are ok and your babies are being fed. (Oh..the babies? EDIBLE!!!) Enjoy the snow!

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