Worth it?

This morning as I was attempting to get 5 small people ready and out the door by 8am, I heard myself muttering (yet again), "we are never leaving this house again!!!!". No one can dress themselves entirely (maybe one can, with help due to distraction issues) and they usually pick time we need to leave the house to smear poop all over the toilet seat, draw on the walls and ask the same question 9 trillion times. The voice I hear coming out of my body would make any Marine Sergent sound like a purring kitten(Ok, maybe not that bad, but still harsher than I'd like). I would be a little scared, but my children are somehow...not. I even woke up early, showered and had high hopes of looking human for our special 'field trip' day. Of course, the shower and dressed was as far as I got. All the children were loaded up in the van, and after making them wait while loading up all the paraphanalia that goes with any excursion, I was not granted the opportunity to spend any extra time in the bathroom. Not even 5 minutes. (Try doing anything with lifeless hair to the sound of wailing and nashing of teeth. It creates a nice, tight ball in the pit of your stomach). I ran out with a limp ponytail, wishing to be someone I was not. Someone considerably more patient and good.

I finally crawled in the drivers seat, a purse, diaper bag, toddler bag, 3 lunch sacks, camera, coats AND a double stroller stuffed beside me in the passenger's side...with a quad stroller literally jammed into the back of the van.


Off we went. I dropped off my two little men at my dear Auntie's home and we headed out for what I called our 'big field trip' to Longwood Gardens. It is a good distance from our house, and thanks to my plan-ahead savy, we had .0001 liters of gas in the van. I was going to fill it up near our house, but figured that there was a gas station closer to my aunt's house. Well, there was, but in my haste to drop them off, I forgot about it. And so we drove through rural countryside for about 3 miles, with me sweating bullets as i prayed for God's mercy on me...I could not bear to call my "always-have-the-tank-half-full-husband" and tell him there was not even a fume left.

I'm not sure it was an answer to prayer (as there are such things as 'consequences'!), but we made it to a gas station. I had a snippy attendant inside, and I was snippy back. I told her I would only buy a small amount of gas there, and find the bulk elsewhere. Nice, huh?? Well, that's what you get when you have a harried, hurried mother who has a flaming case of PMS.

ANYWAY....look at what I had awaiting me.....

Around every corner was breathtaking beauty...

...and we were all able to enjoy this, thanks to my lifelong friend, Jennifer, and her daughter Grace, who have a family membership there!
Unbelievable. Built in 1925, this fountain garden took 2 years to build.

I think this picture could quite possibly be an award winner.

Stop. Smell it.

We passed this....

on our way to this....<>>

(the above establishment is many lightyears away from our 'season' in life. We wave, smile, nod and move on, not even an inkling of consideration in our conscienceness).

A Wall of Orchids

Somehow I thought these would be more.... limp.
Perhaps they water them with a little 'blue' fertilizer.


Jen had warned me that the children might get a tad wet...

...but I don't think she meant this wet.

Pure Joy.

My children leaving...the only ones I saw who were completely, utterly soaking wet.

So, I asked myself on the way home: Was it worth the morning of stress?
(Thank you, Jen, for suggesting this, and treating us to such a special 'field trip'. It was equivalent to 'Disney' to my children and I loved seeing the joy on their faces!)


Awesome pictures and a great post....Have a great weekend...
Marilou said…
YOU ARE AMAZING....crazy, but AMAZING! :) I am SO glad you had the opportunity to enjoy that special place! Your pics were wonderful, the kids looked like they had a blast! :) How cool that they're still alive! And that you're not in jail! :) God is good! Love you, Jazie!
Connie said…
Oh my....what a morning but what a fun day in a beautiful place. I love the photo of the two girls looking at each other while walking. Absolutely priceless....

Amy Beachy said…
Loved it!!! You are amazing, and you inspire me to be a better mom!
Beautiful pics!!!
Amy Beachy said…
Loved it!! You are amazing, and you inspire me to be a better mom!
Beautiful pics!!!
Dale said…
Some trips are worth the trouble, and Longwood always is. No matter what mess I left behind, the beauty and order of that place always left me serene and calm... no weeds, no mess, everything in place and labeled! Pics are great, and so are the Wet Kids...So glad the next generation is enjoying it!
Wanda said…
Your way of communicating is brilliant! You have a gift with words! I'm disappointed I didn't get to see a picture of your "limp ponytail"! I'm sure you looked HOT (as my daughter always likes to say!)!

Thanks for bringing joy to my day! Love,
Michelle said…
Oh Jeane'...love it yet again! And the pic of the cacti? ;) I actually had to read it twice to get it. Quite sad. Anyway ... what a lovely way to spend the day with your kiddos :)
Jen said…
First off, let me declare as a first hand witness of your hair that day, that it was NOT limp or lifeless in any way! It is always full, volumnous, and "dressy" - something I rarely acheive!! Pay no attention to what she says folks. :-) Now after hearing the full details of your morning, I am in agreement with Marilou that you are not only amazing, but CRAZY!! Next time I ask you to go on a field trip - run the other way!! :-) Jeane`, it is a feat of strength to coordinate your children day to day, much less on a big field trip like that. Something that could easily zap the joy out of someone. But, how much fun it was to watch not only your children, but YOU savor such a fun day. You are my favorite person to laugh and giggle with. Those pictures were amazing and told such an accurate story!!!
Love you - Jen
sbharnish said…
great post Jeane..I love your candid descriptions of the daily grind....sounds an awful lot like MY house! It was great to see you the other day....17 years maybe??? I love your blog...I will have to "follow" it as it sounds like i can relate!
Sarah said…
I enjoyed this post.
And that field trip? It most certainly looks like the morning was worth it:-).
you are sooooo good at letting your kids HAVE FUN!!!! thanks for giving us a little peek into your day...you've inspired me!!!!
looking forward to our "field trip" to one another's homes in the next season!!

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