Slice of {our} life

My 'little' sister lives far, far away in Texas and every day I wish she lived closer while simultaneously thrilled that she is experiencing life away from all she knew.

The following pictures I post for her.
But if you want, feel free to browse.

If you choose to click downward, please keep in mind these happy scenes are:

a. not taken for granted.
b. not taken by a professional photographer. (this will be obvious).
c. not posted to impress or lead you to think all is perfect and bliss.

The stars must have been aligned. Although not all wearing their coordinating white linen outfits, and instead encrusted with the residue of a long day's play, not only were they were all sitting and all looking--but smiles for everyone! Wow~ I stand amazed. Perhaps I should duck out quick to see if a blue moon is suspended in our nighttime sky.

If this were the only flower arrangement I ever received the rest of my life,
it would be far more than I could ever hope for.


Stale bread is a favorite of our feathered friends and thus a fistful for them...

...and some for (one of) us.
(yes, I do feed her).
Potluck Supper.

Could he be any cuter?


Dandilion Dash.

Sign of things to come: The "I'm-too-cool-for-mom" body language.
Down, way down deep in his heart he was happy to be pictured on the
tractor with his mama. Right?!?!


I thought the last post that you just did and the banner and new blog look you created, were at the top of my all time favorite posts on blogland, but...that was before this early morning visit. This post my dear, is by far, my all time favorite!!! I love it and I love you!!! There was a time in the not too far past, when I would have never thought a post like this precious one, would be posted by you. So many little ones, chickens, a barn, a tractor and a birdhouse...amazing!
Debbie said…
You are super woman. I mean it. You look so cool. Great pictures and a family blessed.
miss chris said…
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing so many pictures. Positively lovely!
Ashley said…
I just want to squeeze them! love it! Thanks for posting them!:) I miss my little friends...and you too!
amy said…
Oh my goodness. Your children are just precious!! You are one busy mama! What could be better?!

Thank you for stopping by and your sweet words.

Yes, it's a picture perfect day in Lancaster!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day, I hope you get to put your feet up.


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