Aside from selling two car seats and other baby items at our barn sale,
and apart from pushing the twins in their first swinging session on the playset,
the sight of seeing my little daughter and her friend laying on their beach towels on our driveway
today reminded me how fleeting this season of my life is.

And so I will do my best to:
say 'yes'.
tuck away.

i hope there are those little things that are the sweet stuff of your season which you are able to find joy in this weekend.



Ashley said…
Love this! You are giving her the best memories! What a sweet picture!
Love this....a perfect picture....
Debbie said…
While you may not feel like you have much time, you sure have a lot of material! HAHA! You're amazing. I was just talking about you today to some bloggers I had breakfast with; if you have a rush on your blog, you'll know why!
amen friend!!! how precious that picture is!!!
it is fleeting isn't it? we don't always recognize it everyday, but most women that i meet say "it goes so fast" so i'm starting to listen to them and realize that they DO know what they're talking about!!!
Tracy said…
You are one wise Momma, Jeane'. When we had our son, I was working full time,going to school in the evenings and life was so busy. I missed several special "firsts." I began thinking "with our next child, I'll do this or do that..." My husband told me one day, "You know, you're missing it. You're looking and planning ahead, but you're missing the blessings we have today." Though his words stung my heart, he was so right. I WAS missing it. Those days ARE so very fleeting. Learning to stop and savor those little everyday moments truly changed my life. Now that my son is grown, I don't look back with regrets of what I missed...but with joy in what I caught, forever in my heart. = )

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