Pause. Breathe.Breathe again: Part Two

I probably shouldn't write mid-day.

Especially on days like today.

I had 10 minutes of spare time after folding laundry that was piled waist high in our bedroom (nothing like creating an aura of romance in one's master suite, but may I save face by saying it hadn't been there terribly long??) and i thought I'd update the blog in the leftover time.

But babies started stirring, and before I knew it, everyone was up and not particularly buoyed by their afternoon naps. It was like going straight from quiet to the pinnacle of the 'full moon period' of every day (4-6pm), and I had little tolerance for all the noise and mayhem. I finished it quickly, and thus you have the first post from today.

But then, as i was preparing dinner and attempting to converse with my husband, a very unusual thing happened:

It was quiet.

And everyone was awake.

And they were all in the living room,
so I knew there wasn't TOO much they could have got in to.

So we peeked into the living room, and this is what we beheld:

The three older crammed into our 'vintage' playpen, entertaining their littlest brothers with 'peek-a-boo's' and 'stinky feet'.

It was as refreshing as rain, which was coincidental {or maybe not}, as the dry ground outside was receiving relief from the relentless heat as we witnessed that sweet scene.

For me, today was full of the weariness in mothering...but weariness is not exclusive to motherhood. Emotions/fatigue/weariness/frustration/despair/put-in-whatever-you-feel-here is inclusive to all of us...and motherhood does not have any edge on these things. It just happens to be what I'm knee-deep in at this moment, so it is what I write of.

Because everyone does have their own battles they face, although usually out of the line of sight to the mere acquaintance or even friends, I know there is a good chance you are weary in some way tonight...wishing for a little relief in a parched place of your heart.

I thank God for that moment in time today where I saw love between my children and the quiet that resulted from it. It truly did water my heart. Now as I write, I pray the same for you. Yes, I know I do not know that you are reading, and I do not know your circumstances...but I talk to the One who does. I've got connections. ;)

So do you.


Michelle said… make me smile. I love that you write from your heart, what's in your heart, of which is beautiful. :)
Marian said…
Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this today. I've had one of those days today, when I am thinking that I simply cannot do it again tomorrow. Feeling overwhelmed with everything...then I read your post. It hit home, right on home. Sitting here with tears running down my face, sniffling away. Thanks for showing me that every mother goes through days like today. Now I will just hope that tomorrow is better, and that the Lord gives me strength to get through it...and to be a Mother!!
The picture of the five in the playpen is one of the cutest pictures I have ever seen. Your post touched my heart in a special way this early morning hour.
Becky A. Schick said…
What a sweet moment you caught! Five in the playpen is too precious. Love it. Thanks for keeping it real, Jeané.

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