What is normal these days...and what is not!

It is difficult to believe that last Friday at this very moment, I was waking up to the view of a blue/green ocean expanse, with palm trees lazily fanning the air with a hammock in the backporch awaiting my arrival.

Rather, this morning started for me at 5:30am, which seems to be the 'time of the week' as far as wake-up times go for the children. The 'fragrance' of my daughter's diaper assailed my nostrils the moment I walked in their room and as soon as Christopher heard my rustling about, he decided it was a good enough time for him to wake up too! (Note: He does NOT stir at the sound of his sister's crying. Rather, he is roused by the faint wind that is stirred by my movement). Thus a 'typical' day began.

Here are a few things that are a normal part of life around here lately:

- A natural hoarding instint. I have noticed that my little son is quite the hoarder. What is that? By definition hoarding means a supply or accumulation that is hidden or carefully guarded for preservation, future use, etc. When offered a cracker, he always prefers to have at least two and never does he want to have only one. When it is bedtime, and he is joyfully reunited with his Nuk (pacifier), he wants a spare in his hand, 'just in case'. This attribute is one in which I believe he inherited from his Great-Grandma Horst. Except with her, it's papertowels, baggies and twisties. We think it's rooted back to her childhood, when such supplies were scarse. (This is not a serious condition. We always have a good laugh about it! I think most of us have a small tendancy towards 'insuring' we have plenty of whatever is important to us on hand.)

- Dirty Diapers. I don't know if it's full moon soon, or if full moon would have any kind of effect on one's digestive system...but I feel that the rate of dirty (STINKY) diapers has increased significantly lately. There are days when I feel like I am a one-woman changing factory. If I had to be enrolled in any kind of talent contest right now, it's probable that I could stun the crowd with my record-time diaper changing abilities. It's not exactly the craft I wanted to hone, but it is a very real & present need that has been placed before me!

-New Teeth: Annie has her first two. They are dear little pearly whites. Whiter than her brother's, whose mother is increasingly delinquent in continuously holding "Teeth Brushing 101" classes for him. Do they make teeth whitening strips for infants yet???? It would be much easier to slap those puppies on right after he fell asleep!

-Real Kisses. Oh I love this one! Christopher just learned how to kiss by 'smacking' his lips. You'll still get a slobbery, open mouthed one from Annie, but I love those just the same!

-Cramped Style. While our kitchen renovation is under way, the living and dining rooms have become our 'studio apartment'. The fridge and the oven were lined up against the wall in the dining room (thanks to my cousin Chris and our friend, Ed), and thus the table was moved up against the wall to allow space to move. Yes, it is cramped, and yes, it is inconvenient to wash the dishes in the bathtub upstairs. But it is just for a time, and my husband is doing such a terrific job at creating a beautiful room on a 'cozy' (ie: small) budget!!

Now....here is what is NOT normal:

-Calls in the Night. Specifically Tuesday night at8pm, when I'm sitting on the couch, watching American Idol through half-opened eyelids. I had just plopped down on the cushions after dinner, cleaning up dinner, baths for the 2 babes, etc, etc. It's a little after 8pm as I hear the phone ring. I pick it up to hear "Hello, Jeane? This is Tom from Deal or No Deal!". All vestiges of weariness immediately fled my body and mind went on 'high alert'! (For those of you who had not read, in early January, after being prompted by my husband and sister, I applied to be on Deal or No Deal) Long story short: I had a great telephone interview and the gentleman I spoke with said he would do his best in pitching me to the producers and that it could be up to half a year before I hear anything more. I could have 'lived' off the excitement of this initial call for several weeks, if not months. Yet the very next night (Wednesday) I recieved yet ANOTHER telephone call from the same gentleman asking if we could set up a conference telephone call with the producers and at the same time, we would be filming this conversation (along with a game reenactment) and do all this asap!!! I was on top of the world!!! I still can't believe it. Monday night is when the big filming/call will be. Even if I am not asked to be on the show, this process is so much fun and it is exciting to think of the possibilty!! I have applied or attempted many things such as this, but none have panned out (Thus my husband often refers to me as "Lucy" as in Ricardo). This is as close as I have ever come. I will keep you posted! Like I said, even if I am not granted the privalege of being on the show, this process is a gift that I am enjoying-immensly!


Anonymous said…
from the moment you shared about your audition, i could completely see you on deal or no deal. you've got what their looking for. i wish you luck.
Ang Stoltzfus said…
Karen told me that you are a "prospect" for the show!! (i think your mom told her) Soo exciting! is it wrong for me to pray that you make it?? =)
THE WORLD HAS YET TO SEE YOU!!!!!! OH, I AM SO EXCITED! Isn't this such a blast??
See you SOON!
i kindly replied to your comment on my blog....xoxo.

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