My Knight Who Left for the Land of Wawa!

A few days over 4 years ago, I married a man who I admired, respected and loved.

The admiration, respect and love have deepened significantly, as I have had the privalege of sharing life with him, watching and learning (and failing!) how he best translates those nouns.

Even though women are generally more complicated (yes, admit it, we know it's true!), he does a smash up job on translating "LOVE" to me. Last night, he showed love by leaving the cozy confines of our home around 9pm to run to the corner WAWA, where they make a perfect 'solution' to a frequent pregnancy craving of mine. The list above is what he requested and took with him (I did not ask him to do this, he volunteered).

Since I know he kindly reads this blog, I will say it to you again, my dear: I do not deserve you!

(But boy am glad I was given you!!!!)

Now here is a little blogging disclaimer: Sometimes I think it's tempting to glorify ones life, and only write the happy, the divine and leave the impression that one leads a perfect little existance. Let me say that what I wrote above is 100% true, and yet we are imperfect humans. So...if your husband didn't run out to Quiznos last night and buy you a toasted peice of heaven, or has not displayed romantic gestures to you in a long time, do not be discouraged!!! There are many nights I would have given my big toe for a Chalupa from Taco Bell and nary a stir was to be had. This is normal, and it's normal for EVERYONE, including us!


so sweet!
& congratulations on 4 yrs!!! your posts inspire me & ALWAYS leave me smiling! thank you for sharing your gift of writing.
JEANE!!!!!!! I am sooooo sad that I missed you! It was free italian ice day at Ritas and you know I just couldn't miss that! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SWEET GIFT!! You made my heart smile! Let's get together in April!

P.s. Your Mom is so fun, joining this fun world of delight!! Way to go Mom!!!
Anonymous said…
Although I am not married (yet)..when that day comes I hope my marriage is similiar to you and Curt!!

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