Spring Dress Rehersal

Hello, my friend.

If you are in PA, have you been outside today?

It is glorious! I consider it a beautiful "Spring Preview", sponsored by the Creator of Everything Seen & Unseen!

The wagon that Grandma and Grandpa Martin gave Christopher & Annie for Christmas is already gaining great value (in practicality and in fun!). The kiddos and I (and Shadow, our Golden) went for a nice long walk after lunch and visited a few of our favorite neighbors along the way. The warmer weather is a gift, as last night and this morning I was feeling 'homesick' for Florida! Realities such as multiple times of dealing with a bad diaper rash in the middle of the night, earlier than normal wake-up time for the eldest of the babies and other minor, minor things like that made me long for the short, but wonderful span of time spent in the carefree Florida sun!

Yet again, there is truly no place like home.


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