Easter Weekend Musings

Happy Easter, my friend....

Last night, after a long day of worthwhile but mundane work, we (Curt, Rick and I) sat down to watch and remember why we celebrate this weekend.

We watched "The Passion". For me, it was a first time viewing and was terribly hard to watch...but I made myself. At one point, my tired, hormonal frame was sobbing. The "point" of tears could have been at many, many scenes, but for me (as a mom) watching Mary witnessing her son being brutally beaten over and over and over, while recalling running after him to pick him up when he fell as a little boy-it was that scene that sent me over the edge.

The closing scene is why this holiday is so much deeper than the shiny foil covered Easter candies and brightly colored, sugar-doused marshmallow peeps (oh, but how I enjoy them-especially after being in the freezer!). The last picture the viewer is left with is a victorious man who walks from his grave, into the Sun, with nail-pierced hands. His grave clothes lay crumbled on the stone slab, no longer containing death.

It is powerful.

I haven't watched it until now because I am wimpy when it comes to gore. Especially gore that I know is fact, not fiction. I cannot rationalize it away. And in this case, it is good that I cannot. It is right, and worth remembering.

As for this weekend, it held a spectrum of activities...an Easter Egg hunt yesterday (in which I had high hopes for a few cute pictures of the children perfectly posed with their little Easter baskets. See picture below for the results.)...my first experience with a child who has croup (thus a sleepless night, much of it spent on the bathroom floor with a thick fog from a hot shower to coat her little tired, struggling lungs)...staying home from the Easter service with worn out, sleeping babies...a delicious Easter lunch at one of my favorite homes, Aunt Carla and Uncle Bruce's cozy farmhouse...and now a little time to write on my blog, inhaling the scent of my very favorite Easter flower, the pink hyacinth on the table beside me.

Thank you, Lord, for keeping us safe and secure in your love this weekend.

I hope you can breathe the same prayer as you read.


that picture is hilarious w/ the basket on the ground! oh the joys!
sorry it didn't work out for friday night, very last minute dinner. we enjoyed it together, just jake and i...it was fabulous.

i've watched that movie only once, i can barely bring myself to watch it again although i think i must.

i miss you.
la vie claire!
Deva said…
The babies look precious, I hope Annie Bannie is feeling better!!!!
I miss the egg hunts we used to have when the kids were younger.
Love ya, Deva

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