Tucked In Tights

This morning I did something without thinking about it.
After it occurred to me what I had just done,
I wondered if someone needs to save my daughters from their mother.
I wondered if someone needs to save me from myself.

I tucked my daughter's shirt into her tights.

It doesn't matter that it was the second day in a row
 she wanted to wear her "favoritest shirt ever" and that the bottom of it had some dirt on it that I sought to cover up. No. There is never a good enough reason for a woman of any age to be tucking her shirt into her pantyhose. It caused me to worry that someday I'll order something like this for their first day of High School (and then wonder why they weren't asked to the Prom) .

"Silk Snood" courtesy of Victorian Trading Co.

While I thought I had come a long way from the cringe-worthy moments from my past (see here to make this post seem crystal clear), this morning it was clearly revealed that my instincts still need more honing than originally thought. Which leads me to the question:

Does Tim Gunn make house calls in the country?
(and if you happen to be a big fan of tucking your white shirts into your suntan-tinted pantyhose,  forgive me if I've offended your sensibilities. Still friends?)


What is a mother possibly going to say in regards to a post like this? Forget it, I went back to the previous highlighted post and I laughed until I cried, even though it is the second time I saw this post. Really, tears from laughter, not so much at the picture, but at the comments that were derived from you. Just remember dear daughter...what goes around does most certainly, come around. Someday your eldest will be sharing pictures for the world to see.

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