Dumbo, Dancing and Romancing.

On this, a snowy mid-autumn evening, we relished the life we live
and the fact that our five little children find being stuck at home with us a most delightful circumstance. (Rick -my seventeen year old stepson- he might-JUST MIGHT-feel a tad differently although I know he loves surfing our eight meager television channels with us on the rare event his social life doesn't take him away).

Tonight, being the too-cool-for-school parents we are, we whipped out the old slide projector screen, hooked up Curt's laptop to a projector and offered a post-bath time, pre-bedtime screening of...

We didn't stop there.
Nothing but the best for our children.
Fruit-flavored marshmallows (gag!) dished up in bathroom-sized Dixie cups
as movie time snack.

For a good ten minutes, they all sat still...spellbound by the prehistoric, but charming animation of old.
I marveled at their rapt attention.


Until a little two year old ham ball couldn't keep his groove from gettin' on.
The elephant dance scene pushed him out of his trance. I couldn't help but admire his rhythm. He ate up the crowd's response...

...and then the crowd could be contained no longer.
An all out dance war began until we shut it down.

When the twins showed signs of bedtime readiness,
the others and I settled in to watch the end.

Being the wild and crazy couple we are, we quickly tucked the children into bed,
said a collective prayer, warned them within inches of their life of getting out of bed except for dire emergency, gave 'em each a kiss and came downstairs to head to our destinations.

He dropped me off at the kitchen (so I could clean up the patiently waiting, chili-encrusted dinner plates) and I gave him a wink, promising to meet him afterwards. I knew exactly where to find him and when I saw him, I knew... yet another Saturday night full of romance and passion was laying directly ahead.

Indeed, this is the life! A man who's tired out from playing with his children all day.
What could possibly be sexier than that?
(I hesitate to share this picture as I know he has a jaw-dropping (literally) photo collection of me sleeping in the car hidden to use at his discretion).

 That's all for now folks!


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