Red Barn Revelation

On my way home through what seemed like a small country,
from the purchase and pick up of this Craig's List find ....

....A strange and unusual thing happened:

The skies peeled back, and a light shone brightly from Heaven, illuminating a big red barn that had the sign "Barn Sale" advertising on the rich grassy green knoll in front of it.
"The Voice" (as I heard it) spoke in a deep, clear and delighted tone,

"You are my daughter in whom I am well pleased. I know you are wistful every Saturday morning, whilst your free (er) friends are off finding amazing and charming doo-dads at yard and barn sales, while you scrub the snot off kitchen floors and poop off panties. Today, I brought you out into the wilderness, not just to pick up the Quad Stroller I led you to on Craig's list, but also to this barn of which holds many delightful vintage treasures with prices that will leave you with money left over for diapers, thus eliminating any guilt you might have felt otherwise.

What's that you say? That vow you made with your husband not to bring any more 'junk' into the house? Oh, my daughter, as I recall, my name was not mentioned in that vow. I will turn the course of his heart to find great joy in your junk when he comes home from 'work day' at his mother's. After all, is a vow made without my inclusion a vow after all ?!?!

Go forth
, my daughter. Pull over your chariot and show my Love to this barn owner who may be in need of your pennies. Just keep in mind you won't take any of it when you leave this Earth, which may be around the time your husband comes home. But I digress...GO FORTH!"

And so I did what any obedient follower of The Voice does:
I obeyed right then and there.

Look, just look at what it led me to!!!

If you are not fond of vintage loveliness, this will leave you scratching your head.
But for those of us who do...all I can say is : WHOO HOO!!!!!!!
10 buckeroos for a little 'ladder stool' that will become a childhood memory to my children.
Love the colors, love the time worn look, love the little cluster of colorful flowers appliqued in the center. Did I mention the two little steps can be tucked away to create simply a stool.

Imagine the cozyness when these charming little lamps are all cleaned up, with Shabby Chic lampshades perched atop??
I have been wanting a lamp to hang on the wall on my side of the bed, as we do not have room for a night stand. I'll polish that little crystal beauty up, find a darling little shade and wha! la! ($2 later!) I have the lighting of my dreams.

See, it takes so little to make me happy!

The bowl? I can hardly resist colorful vintage bowls/plates like that. The metal 'cooler' I'll think up something to do with (any ideas?!?!) and the large blue-rimmed white tray will make a great magnetic board for displaying the artwork we are always abounding with around here.

As for "The Voice"...well, it may have been imagined, or perhaps i was in a trance from driving so much or excessive caffeine intake from my sleepless night last night.
Either way, I'm glad I listened.

(I am leaving you with a scene from the side of our house. The shock of color abounding everywhere is purely and Heavenly inspired!)

I would love to hear of any particularly thrilling and "illuminated" bargains you have 'been led' to lately!


Amy Beachy said…
I just love reading your posts!!
Looks like you made a wise decision pulling into that barn sale that day...some great purchases!
Love the quad stroller too!
Alison said…
I went to a used book sale at our local library and got 18 books for $13.50. Then I came home and described each book in detail to my husband who lovingly pretended to be interested as his eyes glazed over!
Tracy said…
I laughed reading your post because I KNOW I've heard that very voice myself a time or two. Great treasures! You asked about ideas for the metal cooler...I just saw a post about that very thing last week...see what you think of this:

Wow! What a beautiful side yard! Must have been especially fun this year to see what was going to bloom in that space. = )

Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend! Blessings...Tracy
Dear Daughter,

I only wish that I could have been with you on your drive through the country this morning. I just know I would have heard the same voice that you heard going past the red barn. The blue stroller is beautiful. The purchases you made look just like you and I would choose. Can't wait to see the magic you perform on them.
Becky A. Schick said…
What an awesome find on the stroller! Your family will give it the love it needs. (It still looks new!) And I think the vintage stool is the best. It will probably be the thing the children want the most when they make their own nests someday. And... your visit to the big red barn inspired me to post my finds o' the day on my blog. :o) So glad you got to shop a little!
Rick/Ruthie said…
I'm so impressed with your sensitivity to hear and listen to the Voice! What a hoot-you had me laughing again. Thanks!


I love to read your writings, you make me LAUGH!!!!!!!!
Linda said…
I loved your post and I love your finds! Especially those cute lamps. I am always on the look-out for cute lamps! I am so glad you had the opportunity to get some "neat stuff". Love you!
Michelle said…
Love your treasures! What great finds. And I must let you know that you are such an encouragement to me, for I too hear that Voice... :)

Love reading about your life, and hearing about your new-found treasures, and learning about your family :)
betsyesbenshade said…
Jeane, I just wished you had my phone no. to call and let me know where that barn sale was!! Love your finds, especially the stool. Use the tray for your husband's b-day breakfast in bed. Metal cooler on the porch with some flowers!! Love vintage stuff!
betsyesbenshade said…
Love your finds, I would have pulled over myself. Love vintage stuff!! Always have and always will!!

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