Kitchen Therapy

I have approx. 32 seconds to write anything on here (I downloaded pictures in the wee hours of the morning this morning). So here it goes...
For one who does not enjoy the process of food preparation in the kitchen, I have found an unusual form of 'therapy' in that very space (for those in my occupation, you might understand what I mean). Because a sweet and resourceful friend taught me a 'simple' (and it IS endless, repeatative kneading) bread recipe, I've been making my own bread and LOVING doing it! On top of that, the 'so-good-for-you' factor makes it particularly satisfying.

My one little girl is a little "Suzie Homemaker" and always wants to help out.
Here she was, last night, dumping ingredients in the bowl to make the classic holiday green bean casserole (you know the one--with French Fried onions on top).

Other's of us just like to enjoy taste-testing...especially mama's Choc. Chip banana muffins!

And then there are those who get their greatest joy in life out of looking "just like dad".
The shirt I bought off a Wal-Mart clearance rack sent him sky-rocketing with glee.

Enjoy your weekend!


Dale said…
Very impressive...I can almost smell the loaves. I have a simple recipe for rolls your kids would love to help with...I'll send via email. Yummmmmy!
OH!! it turned out GREAT!! looks so nicely rounded in the pans. are you pleased with the taste and texture? i have some other fun recipes to try in the near future!
wish our weekend included miller time!! love from one mama to another!! xoxo
Anonymous said…
hi jeane
when you have time would you please post the bread recipe?
i would love to try it.
have a great evening with your family.
christina / fl
Anonymous said…
Your bread looks wonderful. I love to bake bread too. I am trying a brand new recipe today as a matter of fact. Care to share your recipe?

Blessings to your beautiful family,
Joyce Marie
Michelle said…
Your bread looks so yum! Are you sharing the recipe? Please? :)
Jen said…
As a lucky partaker of a loaf, I can attest that it was wonderful! Thanks for sharing your healthful & delicious bread with our family!

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