Sweet Simple Pleasures

It was a sweet hour or two in our backyard this afternoon.

It was time unhurried, spent with little friends from across the fence. In a world gone crazy, and with 'real life' all around us, it was a sliver of a glimps into Heaven. Time was not a thought, life was carefree with bubbles blowing in the breeze, wagon rides through the yard, sweet cantoloupe and big blueberries ready for the eating and the laughter of children, which I consider to be one of the most Heavenly sounds on earth!

It's not every day, certainly, but I thought I'd share the simple (but profound) gifts we were given today for which I thank my God. I hope your week holds even one or two of these moments. Maybe it will be in taking your first glorious sip of your coffee in the morning...or taking in the wide expanse of the sky on your lunch break...or maybe even better. God is creative! He loves to suprise us with unexpected moments in time-just like He did for me today. (Annie has a cold, thus I've been up on and off the last three nights. Moments like the ones I had today were most welcome!)

Speaking of simple, sweet pleasures, check out my mom's beautiful blog for some Strawberrylicious pictures and tips for eating & enjoying. She is doing a fabulous job at keeping it updated. To visit, simply click http://www.justalittlesomethingforyou.blogspot.com/


Judy Martin said…
I love you, Jeane'! I love how you do take time to stop and appreciate the little gifts from God along life's journey. You are creating lasting memories for a group of children on Sterley Street that they will someday look back on and remember fondly. I truly find myself looking forward to each new posting that you do. Mom

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