Reality Check

Hello, ladies!

I found these comparison pictures so....comforting.

Dear little Eva, always looks so glam-just like all her other Hollywood starlets. It is a good thing to remind ourselves of the entourage of help these women have in preparing for events-not to mention the technical help they are given when it comes to putting those pictures in print (ie: airbrush!!!). This world, especially our American world, is full of deception. Even in a small way, it is a good thing to remember that what is seen is not always a reality.

If you have not seen the video entitled "Evolution" by Dove, I strongly suggest watching it (and if you have a teenage daughter or sister or friend, send it to her too!). Click here to view it:

Enjoy! (and for more reality-exposing pictures, go to and click on the "Entertainment" section).
Here's to TRUE BEAUTY which can only be found within the body-what comes out of our hearts!


Deva said…
Makeup does wonders!!!! Thank you for posting, I will be updating soon!!! Love ya, Deva

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