Livin' Large at "Lazy A"

Good Morning, friend!

This past weekend was the 17th Annual Miller Camping Weekend at a campground (Lazy A) in West Virginia.

Camping is not my personal favorite way to spend a weekend, but spending time with my family is...thus it was an enjoyable weekend! In case you are wondering, we TENT when we camp and yes, both babies slept in our massive tent with us. While we made it work, (and it was work!) sleep finally happened (to the rythem of the rain pelting on the roof). Thankfully the overnight hours were the only time raindrops fell all weekend!

For me, a favorite part of the weekend was watching Christopher absolutely REVELING in the freedom and glory of nature! He was dirty from head to foot, and while he was kept a CLOSE eye on, he felt the freedom of walking down paths, rubbing dirt on his face (and mouth) and enjoying special treats he doesn't get at home (drinking from his uncle's big water bottle, eating Nacho-flavored Dorito's, etc.). You will notice in the pictures below a slight bent of favoritism in photo subject...but that is just because he is at such a great age to capture the newness of living and learning!

Rick brought his best-buddy, Jesse and we also brought along my nephew James. Thus, there were three teenage boys in the backseat...making for an entertaining drive too and from!
I would love to write more, but the children are awake and need my attention. Scroll down for pictures of our weekend...

On the way to Lazy A...playing peek a boo cracks us up!!! Blowing bubbles with daddy in the field next to our tents
He hasn't quite mastered it yet....but the art of bubble making takes time
Rick, the manly man he is, crafted his own tent!

Precious Annie...waiting (again!)for her mama and daddy to finish making Sunday Morning breakfast Adventures on the creek!
The view from our camp siteThank you for taking a walk through a freshly trodden memory lane with us!

Happy Monday!


Deva said…
It looks as though ya'll had so much fun, especially Christopher and Rick!!! Christopher looks like Farmer Brown who just got done slopping the pigs - so cute!!!! I am glad this weekend for ya'll was a weekend of making memories. Love, Deva
hello dear friend, you are AMAZING!! You will be, (already are) the coolest Mom on the block!! I got your message and while I miss my computer, it is a good break for me. Just call when it's ready!
xoxo, J.
Jennifer said…
I LOVE Christopher's little haircut - haven't seen him without his gorgeous thick wavy red locks. Adorable! Looks like a fun weekend with family & friends.

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