Memorable Memorial Moments!

It was a long week in terms of being couped up inside with two little precious people who are bursting out of their baby shells and become little explorers and creators and everything else that is healthy and good for a child to be. This 'breaking out' of sorts includes (but is certainly not limited to) stuffing inanimate objects where they have never been and should not be, hitting heads on chair posts from running/crawling too fast around the dining room table, learning that one should never, not ever hit his sister and coming to grips with the fact that mommy is not going to suddenly start picking you up the second you start to wimper when your brother steals your toy, no matter how perfectly pathetic your cry sounds.

It is only now that I am beginning to understand the empathetic looks and the "You've got your hands full" comment I so frequently receive when asked how old the children are and see them eyeing up my growing belly. It was relatively easy the first few months, when Annie was truly a baby. It is now growing more entertaining, more endearing and certainly more demanding. And these little ones (and the one to come) will only increase those elements in our lives.

I am tired. And there are moments I feel like a non-person. But I am incredibly, undeniably blessed to be weary with the work of mothering.

As you can imagine, it was a sheer JOY to be able to afford a day at my favorite get-away place, Ocean City, NJ. The memories I have of it being a relaxing place (where I used to take a book and a frozen coffee drink to sip in a chair by the sea) are becoming distant. As you will see by the following pictures, the memories made in this season of my life are so full of new life and learning and loving that it is worth the 2 hour and 15 minute trip!!
My dear, dear husband dedicated his weekend to working soley on our much needed kitchen renovations. Since he is doing most everything himself and only can do it over the weekends we have 'open', it has been slow going. THANK YOU to the love of my life for showing love to me by working so diligently to create a beautiful, cozy and functional kitchen!! The pictures below were taken when we came home...the children loved climbing in the base cupboard frames (made, of course, by their talented dad).

For anyone who cares to peek into our weekend, here are a few pictures for you! Can you almost breathe in the salt air?? Hear the gulls as they soar over the tide??? Taste the Mack & Manco pizza (if you've ever been to the Ocean City shore, you've had it! If you haven't, I feel for you!)??? Ihave been craving these things and so has my youngest sister, Kimberly, who I was incredibly thankful and thrilled to have join us. Rick, Christopher and Annie love when "Aunt Kim" is around (and can't wait to have their Aunt Ashley and Uncle Matt around town for a few days real soon! Whoo Hoo!!!!).

Me & my sweet 'little' sister, Kimberly. (She is on the verge of become the world's most brilliant Pastry Chef. I have no doubt she will have a shop of her own someday, if she wants it!)

My favorite children in the entire universe. From 13 to 10 months, I adore them all!

Here Christopher and I are sharing a drink of lemonade at Mack & Manco's on the boardwalk. (Annie was sound asleep in her stroller-thank you, Jesus!-and Rick was hanging out with my youngest cousin, Austin, who is also his age. They had 'chicks to check out' they told me jokingly. I don't think they were joking. Did Ido that with guys at such a young age??? Uh....yea.)

Annie & her Aunt Kim (a favorite at that moment, as she was feeding her Dip N Dots)

Loving life on the boardwalk! It was such a treat (below) to spend a little time with our grandma. She has made Ocean City the special place that it is. It was her and my grandpa that introduced our family to that wonderful place and created countless warm & wonderful memories for us to savor every summer. (As a little girl, I would cry every time we would leave after a week spent there with them)

The coolest guys you'd ever want to know. All three of them had made big 'shade' purchases on the boardwalk that day. The smallest one shelled out a whopping 99 pennies for his. It was worth every single last one.

Here is one last picture to leave you with....HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! I hope you have even just a few moments for rest, reflection and renewal, no matter what your situation.


Judy Martin said…
Jeane', You made my Memorial Day so special by posting this latest entry. You have a way of drawing me as a reader right in with you...experiencing it all as I read each word. Once again, I am amazed at how much you accomplish in a few days time, not to mention the many things you did not included in this the Saturday night neighborhood birthday party that you all attended after the shore. I must admit that you have grown up to be more than as a mother I prayed you would be. What a talented blessing you are to me! Mom
Deva said…
I loved all of your pictures and what a sweet post your mama left. Love, Deva
Luzie said…
Dearest "Nazie Pazie It's Amazing your not Crazie, :)

How WONDERFUL to get to see you and your tribe on Saturday! What dear, precious kiddies you have! I am glad you had a good time and that the weather was as close to perfect as you could want!! You are an amazing woman/mother/wifey/neice and I am so proud (waiting for the lightening strike!!) of you and all that you have become...who knew!! :) Love you dearly, have a great week!
Your dear Auntie Lou

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