Little Changes

Hello, friend!
Thanks for dropping in.
It's been a nice Wednesday at home. A little long, but good. I am trying to 'teach' Christopher how to play by himself, using his imagination and then I attempt to balance that by engaging him in reading (which he LOVES, thank goodness!) and occassionally "arts and crafts". How one does that with an 18 month old is obviously not my specialty, as I turned away for one second to change Annie's diaper and could tell (from looking at the back of his skull) that he was chewing on something. Sure enough, the "Shocking Pink" crayon had been beheaded and crumpled wax was sifting around in his mouth. I was able to retreive most of the peices, while holding a half-diapered little girl in my other arm. I instructed him to wash out the remaining wax with Juicy Juice.

I'm losing sight of the "Mother of the Year" award with every passing day.

Another change as of yesterday....our new family member, Midnight.

As far as cats go, Midnight is a good one so far. She came from a loving family (with children, so she is used to them), but the older, more dominant cat who lived with her did not like her and was becoming to aggresive. So, my husband's deep seated sense of mercy could not resist this plea for "a good home". If it does not work out, her previous owner would take her back. So we shall see...

The front door is a 'new' one we found at the "Artifacts Bank" in downtown Reading, which takes all the old doors, everything from old mansions that are being renovated and resells them. My husband is incredibly gifted at being able to do most any project around the house he sets his mind to. Thus, this refinished, beautiful old door, full of character (and hand smudges!).

My little girl (who is now fully changed) is telling me in no uncertain terms she is ready for dinner.

Have a great night...


ooooooooooh Jeane! That door is beautiful! We will watch the hand smudges grow higher & higher! hmmmmm, teaching a boy to play by himself, you're doing great so far, just give it some time and you'll have to shake him out of his imaginary land into the land of the living!!!!! xoxoxo
Deva Warren said…
Hey girl, It seems like it has been forever since I have had time to sit and read your journal. I love your "new,old" door, it is just gorgeous. I was supposed to be coming up there this weekend, but with gas so expensive and all we had to change our plans. Diona stays on the go, she just got back from Aruba and is going skiing this weekend. Christopher is growing fast, Brandon liked to play with those logo blocks when he was just a little older than Christopher. They are a good investment if he likes to build things and most boys do. Love ya, Deva

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