Feeling Good

Good Morning, my friend.

Ahhh....it feel so good to feel 'good' again.

I made Salmon on Monday night and it tasted delicious. Going down, anyway. Late at night, I heard it coming back up (for my husband) downstairs and later the next day, it did the same for me.

It will be a long time until our taste buds venture into the world of Salmon.

It allowed me my first experience of sickness WITH two babies (and a sick spouse). I would not rate it as one of the more fun experiences of my life. I'm sure the children wouldn't either, although they got to view a full day's programming line up on PBS Kids. Bless their little mushy brains after that day.

(On a side note: My husband is the best husband. Really he is. So I say this in love, and in general about the male population. I discovered, while being 'down and out', it is a very good thing that God assigned the woman to bear children. That's all I'll say about that).

Feeling miserable like that and now feeling so much better makes me more aware of what a gift 'feeling good' is. It is something that I easily take for granted every single day. I'm not so much today.

My little girl (who is growing up so very quickly already!) is staring pitifully at me (while fake crying) in her little walker, begging to get out.

I'll have to concede, especially since her past two days have been so boring and dormat.

I hope you have a good (and sick-free!) day.

Thanks for being patient with such uneven postings! :)


Ashley said…
I wish I could have come and taken care of my sweet little buddies while you were sick. I miss being nearby! Next time just stick them on a plane and send them my way.:) Thanks for posting...I always love reading your thoughts! I'll call you sometime today.
welcome back to the "real" world. thank you God for healing, PBS, safety gates and GRACE....oh, and husbands to renovate kitchens!!!!
Vickie said…
I am chuckling to myself after reading your comment regarding God's grand design for women to bear children. (I have an amazing husband as well.)

Glad you are feeling better!

Vickie H.

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