I'm half embarrassed to admit it, but I will. (Since when I have been shy?)

I have auditioned for Deal or No Deal. The application has been filled out and the 5 minute video has been made (what a production that was!) and now I will try to forget about it, as my 'protective pessimism' kicks in (in other words, "they won't call and so if you do not hope, you won't be dissappointed"). But I still kinda hope they call.

The picture above is at my parents house, where most of it was filmed. My dear family...they are used to my far-fetched ideas and subsequent 'productions'. You should have seen the lengths they went to in order to keep the babies contented and quiet while the camera was on them. Bubbles, funny faces, lollipops...entertainment overload going on silently at the bottom of the steps, courtesty of Aunt Ashley, Grandma and Grandpa. They were VERY kind to go along with it.

We shall see...

My sister and her husband were in from Dallas last weekend, and we spent every available minute with them. It was SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish Dallas weren't such a far-away place ( I know, it could be much worse). She celebrated her "Golden Birthday" this year. I never knew such a thing existed until now. A Golden Birthday exists the year that the age you are matches the date you were born. I was born on the 3rd and thus, my Golden Birthday was celebrated 27 years ago...too late to recognize it for me. I'll be sure my children get the proper recognition. My daughter will be 29 and sons 18 and 8 when theirs roll along.

By the way, I dreamt the other night that I was fervantly pursuing the Miss America title, when a woman finally took me aside and said "They don't take 30 year olds. You are way past the age limit. And if you haven't noticed, none of the other contestants are mothers."
Exit stage left (but not without one last pivot). And by the way, in this dream, I looked smashing in the swimsuit segmant. Proof that this was, indeed, only a dream.

This dream...and then the Deal or No Deal you think these are symptoms of a Desperate Housewife????


Happy Saturday...


Ashleigh said…
Hi Jeane~ Thank you so much for your comment. I know Sarah will want to be in contact with you. It can be such an enormous comfort to talk to someone who actually does know what you are going through--or even just to know that person is there. Sarah's blog is, but if you email me through the link on my sidebar, I can get the two of you in touch that way. She is supposed to be heading home from the hospital today. Little Ady was born last night, but I haven't heard anything else yet. Thank you so much, though... it was so good to hear from someone who understands what Sarah is going through. I had two miscarriages, but I can't even hope to have an inkling of what either of you have gone through. Many Blessings...
THIS IS GREAT!!!!!! You are such a cool lady and I am honored to call you friend. You would be so entertaining to watch! PLEASE PICK JEANE!!!!
Ashley said…
This is part of your panel speaking - Matt) Jeane you are going to be picked I called up Howie and let him know the situation.

Tell those wonderful boys hello from Uncle Matt! It was great seeing you guys last weekend!

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