Beauty and the "Bruiser"

I knew it would happen, it just was a matter of when.

On Friday, "When" happened and Christopher got his very first shiner. You should have seen the 'other guy' (or the heating vent). Of course he screamed, but since then I think he's become quite proud of it. Or at least his dad is! :)

I thought you might like a glimps into our two youngest's relationship so far. Christopher demands attention (in the picture below, specifically from "Pawpaw") and Annie demurely requests it by simply smiling her radiant little smile. (Here she looks as though she is merely tolerating his demands for attention, and is perhaps a tad disgusted. "Here he goes again!").

In the picture below, it may appear as though the older sibling is kindly making sure his little sister's nunny is securely in her mouth where she likes it.

Rather, he is fulfilling his role as "The Great Nunny Snatcher".(Look at the intense look on his face. He knows time is short to get away with this heist). We have gone over and over and over this...and yet, the draw of the silicone pacificer is to overpowering to resist. Every time he does it, and I see this pink nuk in his mouth, there is guilt written all over his face and he does an about face and makes a run for it. Grave consquences are always in order. He's STARTING to learn. (His dearly beloved nuk is only allowed in his crib, which makes nap & Bedtime extremely appealing to him). I would attempt to spiritualize this whole little illustration, but time is not allowing me.

I hope you had some moments of peace and relaxation this weekend...and that you felt the love that your Father has for you.




Deva said…
Oh my gosh!!!, I can't believe you auditioned for the Deal or No Deal show. I think it is a great idea, what fun you will have and hopefully win alot of money if you are picked. I can't believe how big Miss Annie is and she is so pretty. It looks like both the babies have strawberry blond hair, which is my favorite hair color. Have a good day and God bless. Deva
OH MY WORD!!!!! That eye looks terrible! I'm so glad you took a picture to show off to him someday! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SWEET GIFT TO ME TODAY!!!! You are the BEST!! Next Monday-Tuesday is open for me. Should we come there??

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