A Refinished Monstrosity (aka Wall Unit)

 Several weeks ago, my beautiful second-cousin (wife and mom of four---living a very "full" life!), wrote this:

"Here are the pictures of the monstrosity I bought at the yard sale. Currently, all that I see is WOOD, I'm just not sure where to start with painting. Some days I just want to go buy a 5 gallon bucket of white paint and paint all the dark wood white.... but, then I wonder if I would regret it, because there would really be no turning back. I have searched all my favorite blogs and decor mags... and would you believe it, not one person owns an outdated wall unit... hum, go figure:). So, I have no inspiration pictures to copy."

...But now, thanks to YOU, Stephanie Marie, WE do!!!

She will probably fuss that I am doing this, because they are not completely finished and, as she wrote in today's emailed "reveal"
"I wanted the bookshelves decorated so I just ran around the house today and put stuff on them. They look very "busy" to me right now..."

To me, they look perfect. Perfectly amazing!
And all this from a woman who has always said she does not "have an eye for decorating".
I had to share these pictures in the case a reader stumbles upon this who is living with a 'tired' wall unit and are at a loss as to how to give it new life.
Be inspired!

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