Christmas Tree Tradition 2011

Seven years has served up a bit of change in our family.
The old green tree saw, it has remained the same,
as has the Maker of the Evergreens it has felled.

This was the  first time in five years we did not feel the need 
to haul out the double stroller for the occasion.
While there was quite a bit of impromptu searches for pint-sized people
among the maze of trees, we still felt as though a milestone was reached.
All sets of little feet that belonged to us were old enough to walk on their own.
This is big.

The tree now regally reigns in the corner of our living room.
It's green, the darkest I've seen.
The fragrance, a woodsy comfort.
It's ornamentation is simple, 
with the value of it's baubles increasing with 
every upward branch. 

I have more to write, yet lack the wherewithal to do so.
The beautiful, meaningful, not-be-taken-for-granted
tradition of the cutting and lighting of a Christmas tree
has left us all
and happy that

Tomorrow morning is quickly approaching, 
and I still have not completed the worksheets for 
"Christmas Tree Etiquette for Mischievous Toddlers 101". If the course appears ineffective, I am considering taking an online class myself titled "How to Keep the Charm in a Shrink-Wrapped Christmas Tree".


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