Behind the Scene's Footage

As an amendment to today's previous post, I had to share a 'behind the scene's' photograph that my sister snapped on her phone and just sent to me.

The twin who's chubby little thigh I am securing in place is probably thinking "Gee whiz wilickers!! Why does Ray {his twin} always get all the breaks!".

You might also notice an tub of white Non-Pariels Christmas candy (just a few months old) in the foreground that I dug out in desperation due to the need for 'just one more bribe'.
It wasn't easy - and under that bright red sweater was a lot of sweat
(thank you 80 degree mid-September Sunday) - but it was worth it!!!


I love the "behind the scenes" reality shots. This is the real story to the true beauty of the first set of pictures. It brought me the biggest, real laughter...this morning. How perfect that you tied these two posts together. Great picture!!!
lindsey said…
I love this. being a grandmother of nearly 3 year old twins (with another on the way) and two other little grandsons, getting photo's with them all looking reasonable is some task! I love the face on the middle little girl in the banner photo...says it all!!
Terri said…
These are adorable!!! I love the header picture of all the kids, the b/w with the twins and the beautiful one of just you! Shar did a great job! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us!

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