Giving Thanks

It has been a 'different' last two weeks, with a few curve balls thrown our way, making for mildly challenging times. Thankfully, God has not been taken 'off-guard' by various turn of events, nor has He tuned us out. He hears. He answers, even if differently than we expected and usually with timing that leaves us breathless! (You know what I mean??).

In any event, there is a wall hanging I bought years ago in Cedarville, Ohio. It simply reads "Give Thanks". This morning I thought I'd simply share a FEW things I am thankful for today.

1. My "John Wayne"

If I had to compare my husband to any man in recent history, it would be Mr. Wayne, hands down. There are men of the 'soft and squishy' variety, timid of risk and beaten down by their women and/or peers. I happened to marry the complete opposite of that type...and how grateful I am! While he is sensitive to others (one of the most compassionate people I know), his life is not determined or directed by what others think of him. He is responsible to God, loyal to his family and friends and he follows the sage advice of Mr. Wayne when he said, "“A man ought to do what he thinks is right” (even if not the popular or approved way).

My manly man also could have not agreed more with John's statement “Women have the right to work wherever they want, as long as they have the dinner ready when you get home” . ha!ha! Curt would say this with a twinkle in his eye and a slight smile on his faceknowing that his wife is the furthest thing from a beaten down hag who feels forced to put dinner on the table every night. I do it, but it's because he makes it easy to want to do this for him!!!

2. My "BFF"

In the 6th grade, we decided to become 'Best Friends Forever", and we have not looked back ever since! Yesterday, I had the EXTREME JOY of a lunch date with Sarah at the Coffee Company today. She has been by my side (figuratively speaking) for all these years, and is a pure, true source of encouragement and love. Not everyone can claim to enjoy a friendship as lasting and as precious as mine with Sarah, but for whatever reason, I was given this gift. I am utterly grateful!

3. A visit with another BEST!

It was a much needed and tremendously appreciated treat to have an afternoon to do whatever I pleased with! C & A stayed with their 'Mawmaw' (a favorite person in their world), while M and I took to the roads (and restaurant and store) and ended up at another lifelong and deeply treasured friend, Emily. Honestly, her home is truly a haven of beauty, creativity and ingenuity. I have no doubt she could have been (and still could be someday) a world-renowned designer, but she has chosen the most noble occupation of "Mother" and has poured her extreme amounts of artistic ability into her home. (I only wish I would have taken more pictures). She handmade all the Christmas stockings hanging on her railing (which, I know she will want me to note that she has yet to add a little 'bling"-sparkle-to them) and she has made the walls of her home whimsical and fascinating to look at!

(Yes, she drew that art on her wall...from scratch!)

4. My Salem Family

On Sunday night, my little family and I drove ourselves to the place where time seems to stand still, even though it really has not. The little white church where I attended for the greater part of my life had their annual Christmas program and we never want to miss it. The building has not become a large, cold cavernous warehouse...but has stayed small, charming and inviting (the basement still smells the same and the poster on the back of the nursery door is still the same one I used to look at when I was a little girl!). But it is not the building that holds such a draw to me, but rather the people within who are, in every way that matters, family to me. Jo, Suzy, Andi, Dale, Betty, Earl, Al, John, Linda,Vickie....the list goes ON and ON (I'd name more names, but I'm on a time limit here!)...they all are like the favorite Aunts and Uncles you can't wait to hug over the holidays. When there is so much change in this world, it is so nice to have a place that 'stays the same'...where everybody knows your name. (Except there is no bar there, no Ted Danson...but there ARE some crazy people who like to meet up there!! I being one of them!). I wish I would have had my camera, but alas, I was just happy to be there with a family that was dressed and relatively clean.

4. Fresh Paint
On Monday I put a fresh coat of paint on the hallway going up the stairs. I also repainted the trim a fresh coat of white. It felt so good to cover up the old dirty layers and within seconds, everything was pure and without stains. As I was painting, I could not help but think of how this is how God sees me. Clean, without blemish....because of His love and what that Love drove Him to accomplish on the cross. This is a HUGE reason to be grateful. And I am.

As I have been flying through this posting, the children have COMPLETELY TRASHED the Living room and have now escaped to the second floor, of which I hear four little feet flying down the hallway. I cannot ignore them any longer without this place looking like a tornado made an appearance.

I hope you are able to chose to have a grateful day, curve ball or not!


Judy said…
I know it is not necessary for me to comment...but I cannot help but find myself being sentimental when I read it. The extra special people that God has brought into your life over the years, is something that, as your mother, I find myself being so grateful for. They are all answers to my heartfelt prayers for you over the years. Thank you for sharing.
hello friend, just wanted to send some love your way this monday evening....well, almost tuesday morning! was thinking about you today as i baked everything i could possibly think to bake with my 12 lb. bag of rolled oats from glenwood! hope you had a good day. MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM ALL OF US TO ALL OF YOU!!
xoxoxo from strasburg.

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