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The babies are napping longer into the afternoon than normal, so I am on a posting frenzy. I think I have posted 3 times in the last few hours. A RARE phenomenon for sure! I am not sure where the energy is coming, as most of the morning we spent 'Back to School' and fall clothes shopping at the VF Outlets. As you can see, I have slipped quite effortlessly back into 'real life', as shopping (even with Rick's marvelous help!) with the 2 little ones is not exactly what one might call 'leisurely' or 'without stress'.

Before we left the house, here was my checklist:

-One final diaper inspection....Check!

-Diapers and wipes stocked in diaper bag....Check!

-Two full sippy cups with non-milk beverage...Check!

-Dum Dum Lollipops for pacification....Check!

-Nunny's (pacifiers), in the event that lollipop's do not cut it...Check!

-Timing trip earlier in the morning so that by the time we arrive home, it is lunch and then NAPPY-NU time!...Check!

So, all that being done...the four of us (five including the itty bitty in my belly that is pushing to be free!)left for a little back to school shopping.

Rick was first. He is growing SO fast...thickening shoulders and inching up to his father! He found jeans and shorts and when I came back to the dressing room with the babies and asked if I could see them, I was allowed...but only if I did NOT take a picture. After a little discussion, he permitted one. That was IT! (I think he looks handsome, I told him, and I wanted to document our little yearly ritual!). As you can attest to below, he looks thrilled.

After Christopher's flip flop came off under the men's jeans rack and Annie successfully pulled shirts off a counter, we headed for a QUICK trip to the OshKosh outlet, which is my favorite for the babies. (Their clothes are well made, wash well and when they have sales, which they did, and when I have a coupon, which I also had, their prices are WONDERFUL!!!!).

As the contractions (though not serious) started to pick up, we headed out. The beached whale with her followers, waddled out the van and turned up the Veggie Tales for Toddlers to full strength in attempts to keep the babies awake until we reached home. It was a decent attempt, but they nodded off just as we pulled up to the house.

So after whipping a lunch out of the leftovers in the fridge (Rick asked "What do you call this?"), cleaning up their mouths, their heiney's and then situating them in their beds, I left for Aldi's while Rick's lunch was digesting (before his daily venture to the pool). When I came back (Rick quickly pointed out that I was 20 minutes behind on my "I'll be home by 1" statement), I heard commotion up in their room. As I walk in, Annie is standing on her crib mattress, with all her bedding strewn across the floor. I hear Christopher emitting a guilty, quiet "Uh-Oh" from his corner and walk over to find his absolutely favorite book (A Fisher Price Little People book with about 1,000 flaps) in ...well, absolute SHREDS! EVERY last flap had been ripped out and piled neatly to the side. Their was such guilt and knowing of wrong doing written all over his face and I was simply too tired to discipline, so he got away with a stern look and a 'very naughty' short lecture and that's about it.

Please accept my apology for such a BORING posting. It's so rare when I have time to write, and although I am not particularly inspired, I thought I'd share a bit of the dailyness. Unfortunately for a reader (even one like my mom and sisters, who I know are my faithful readers), it does not make for minding gripping reading.

Happy Tuesday!


Judy Martin said…
I was thinking Jeane', about the difference between your time in life and mine. Last week I was reminded of all the check lists that you have to go through everytime you leave your house, with the children, when they stayed here with me. I really should not have any excuses for forgetting things,because my list is so short compared to yours. I admire the fact that you even left your house this morning. How do you do it? I must admit, you sure have a handsome helper to go with you!! I am thankful that you included pictures from Texas, and that you had the opportunity to go.
James said…
Your posts are never boring to me! They make me smile, and very often laugh out loud. What fun pics of your shopping trip and your special trip to Dallas! Glad you could spend time with your sis before the big event. You look gorgeous by the way my very prego amigo! Love you.

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