Taken by Suprise & Tickled Pink!

Yesterday it was a dreary regular old Thursday...until the mailman came with a special suprised delivery.

A package from Auntie Ashley & Uncle Matt arrived and let me tell you, fun times ensued!! It's not every day one gets a colorful heart envelope in the mail...and from Texas on top of it!

Aunt Ashley knew JUST what would make us smile! An Elmo Book (a 'rare' Valentines edition!) and some Princess goodies! Oh, what joy floods our souls!! Thank you so much to our special Aunt in Texas!

We sure were tickled by this great turn of events in our otherwise uneventful Thursday! We love you, Aunt Ashley and Uncle Matt!!! (Rick, Curt and I also thank you...what a wonderful & thoughtful suprise!)


ajwatson722 said…
I LOVE these pictures! If you do this every time I send something, I'll be sending something every week just to see pictures like these. Oh my...they are so adorable!!! I tried to call you last night. We will be at Kyle and Amber's all day today but maybe we'll get to talk sometime. Love you!
Anonymous said…
They are so precious!!!!! It was so funny when I asked Diona "guess who is pregnant in PA?" She had no idea it was you. Love ya!

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