Being a (temporary) Braggart

Excuse the flurry of postings this week.
I thought I was done, but apparently I am not.

When, in the rare case, I have run into a mom who brags about how "especially gifted/talented/athletic" or her child/ren are, my natural reaction is to cough up the phlegm collecting at the back of my throat, dramatically rid myself of it and always, a rolling mechanism triggers my pupils to start moving in a circular motion. In other words: I am allergic to Braggarts. I'm always polite about it, but to listen too long becomes problematic for me.

This morning, however, tables are turning. I just might cause a reader of this blog with a similar set of reactions, a mild to major reaction for which I sincerely apologize ahead of time. This morning, I am turning against myself and being the woman who brags about her offspring's unusual brilliance. If I could discredit what I stumbled upon in the living room this morning, I would. But how does one turn one's head from brilliance? And so vibrantly displayed at the tender age of two? It is not every day one sees this type of ingenuity and ambidexterity in someone so young. I already have calls in to private schools of superior pedigree and rank. I am hopeful that I'll have calls returned within the day.


If you think you're looking at a diaper and partially pajama-clad male toddler taking a bite from a cheese stick wedged in between his big and second toes, you would be right! I just hope -as his siblings were cheering him on, four little witnesses to greatness coming from one of their own- that a bar has not been set too unattainably high.

The little fella was quite tickled. Quite tickled indeed. And I am still in a cloud of disbelief that I have a child that can do this. Every mother's dream....a child who knows how to work a cheese stick.

You'll have to excuse me now. 
The Head Ring Master from Barnum and Bailey Circus & Co. is on the phone!
Big things ahead for our little guy!!!


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