Christmas Morn...

You've seen one set of someone else's Christmas morning pictures, you've seen them all, right?!?
I almost feel bad posting these, as they really are not all that unique and thrilling. Not to mention I've been itching to really write, but that's just not happening today, and I've got to let that go.
And so, I present to you just a few pictures of our Christmas morning, starting with the best homemade donuts i have ever sunk my coffee-stained teeth into (sorry, just was thinking how I need to whip out those old Crest Whitestrips). They are made at a nearby Amish bakery, but I was given them and so I do not know where (which is probably a good thing!).
6:30am: The excited crew meets up in our room. Our Captain emotes on the importance of making sure Santa has left before we all descend to see if there are presents beneath the old evergreen tree....

It appears that the cookies have indeed been tampered with, and the milk? Gone.
He MUST have been here!!!

My greatest gifts...minus one (he was behind the camera with me).

An extremely wonderful and thoughtful gift from my husband. If you want the best massage you've EVER had in your life (and that counts even if you've been to 5 star spa's), see this lady.
She handmakes her gift certificates, which are every bit as sparkly and beautiful as she is.

I simply cannot wait to be putty in her hands (as wrong as that may sound.)
Double the joy!

Always climbing, never ceasing... (I like the classy touch that the dirty diaper on the side table provides, don't you?)

Entering the" BEST age for Christmas" catagory.
Love at first sight.
After going through mulitple name suggestions, she came up with an original:
"Baby Doll"
The ever-studly Rick...who wore his new t-shirt with his best Steve Carrell expression
I hope to post again sooner rather than later....thanks for stopping by!
I truly hope you had a special and meaningful Christmas~


Marilou said…
Oh Jeane!! I LOVED your pics AND your ever poignant descriptions of all that went down that lovely Christmas morn! Thank you for taking the time to share them with us. Never stop!
P.s. I have a quart of that yummy honey mustard JUST FOR YOU! Will try to get over this week to drop it off!
Love you!
You have a good man on your side....or by your side I should say. He arranged the certificate "drop off" with Jake while you were living it up with Kelly in NYC!! :-)

I truly, truly look forward to giving you a massage....and just so you know, it may very well accidently on purpose go longer then an hour!!

See you Sunday!!

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