In War and Peace

Take note of the play coffee pot below...

For all the turmoil in all the hot spots brewing all over the globe, this my friend, is what could be the catalyst for the start of World War III.

At least in MY corner of the world.

The Christmas hymn "Let There Be Peace on Earth (and let it begin with me)" has been flitting through my mind this morning, and it has occurred to me to start singing it to the children in hopes they will memorize it and take it to heart. But then I decided they would probably feel about that song the way I did about "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam", and how I told my mom she did not have a good voice when she sang it. I could hear propaganda a mile matter how subtle the attempt to convert my attitude was. (sorry,mom! Now I understand...)

That darn little coffee maker, found for $7 on the Wal Mart clearance shelf, has caused screaming, hitting, wails that could wake the dead and attempts to run to their in-house judge (me) to plead their case ("it's mine.all mine.she/he stole it from me"- except they don't use words). Part of me wishes I would have bought two of them, but then again, that would not teach them that life is most definitely not fair and sharing is not optional.

This morning, like others, has had its blend of cozy and crazy moments. The pictures I have to share with you are moments from the past few mornings. They fall into the category of "pictures that proud mama's put on their blogs to create an impression of children that top the charm charts". Allow me to assure you that if I had pictures of the other reality-the very prevalent reality of two children, close in age, who were not taught to hit and spit, but naturally are inclined to such barbaric behavior-IF i had pictures of those exhibitions, I would surely share them with you. It's funny how I am not inspired to go grab the camera when I see Annie pounding on Christopher or when he pushes her to the ground in absolute exasperation at her boldness in taking his play table saw. "Capture this moment!" is not my first-or twentieth-thought. Imagine that.

That all being said, there are sweet moments tucked in the reality of living with these little humans with very flawed human nature....and here are a few of them:

The other day I ran upstairs to fetch a bra, as the children wanted to go over to our neighbors home for a visit (they are like family, but even so, there are some things that people should NOT have to behold. Besides, I already had three children to lift and carry across the street. I did not have the energy nor the will to carry two more). I sat a bottle for the baby on the dining room table, as she was fussy and I figured I would feed her over there. As I came back down the stairs, it was VERY quiet...and this is what I found (to my heart's delight!):

Annie is the little mother of the crew. Here she is "sharing" the "healthy" party-mix snack her mother gave her shortly before dinner (I broke two rules in the Parenting Handbook right there):I captured a moment of benevolence towards his sister, where he filled one of their beloved coffee cups with animal crackers for her munching enjoyment.A precious picture of sisterly affection. How long will this last??? Well, I am hopeful it will be for all their lives, although I fully expect it, like the sun on a cloudy day, to be hidden for a time (when they share clothes sizes, boyfriends and cell phones).

Now I must part. The "adult" coffee maker has a small layer of coffee left to be microwaved and enjoyed by the only remaining adult in this home. I hope, wether your enviroment resembles war more than peace, that you are able to experience a measure of peace that 'passes understanding' today. It's there for the taking...also just like the sun behind the clouds!


YOU are a breath of fresh air! i miss you so much and anticipate our next time together. i hear footsteps upstairs and i'm fairly sure the last time i saw my boys they were both tucked in bed!!! tyler just yells down the stairs, "Mama, Lukie is in trouble, he's knocking the tree down." better go!!!!!!!
Annie said…
I am so tickled to be viewing your children at all! They are so precious and I am sure you are trying to tuck away as many of these precious moments as you can! How sweet!!

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