Fruit Flies

I can't write much, as I am about to take my first shower in 2 days.

"Gross!", you're probably thinking.

And you're right.

It is. The fruit flies that used to spend their time hovering around the bananas on the kitchen counter have now shifted their attention to something even more ripe. Me.

The children are having their "quiet time" right now. I hear heavy thuds on the floor above, a subtle clue that perhaps they aren't really taken with the idea this morning. That's ok. I can ignore thuds (as long as it isn't the children themselves, which I know the day is coming....). I refuse to buy another crib, as Christopher SHOULD be transitioning to a big boy bed. But I just can't bring myself to do it. I absolutely am thrilled he has a place to be contained in right now. And so if Mackenzie must sleep in her bassinet until she's 1, so be it...she'll just learn how to be very, very flexible. :)

Here are a few pictures, in case you're wondering how they are liking their little sibling.... (right after it was taken, Annie and Christopher got into an all out brawl over who got to kiss her.)
Gotta run! Fruit flies are hovering thickly and my shower awaits!


Judy said…
You must have had a rough day! I have been around you so many times in these last few months, and I have NEVER seen any fruit flies. What I have seen is you with looking beautiful, your children looking adorable and wondering how in the world you do it???? That is what I have seen. But, I love how you share your heart. Keep on posting. I love you! Mom

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