The Gift of A Princess

I know there are many, many sweet and special little princesses all over the world, who are are loved and cherished in their respective 'kingdoms' (and plenty of those who I desperately wish would be!!!!)...but today I am celebrating the one of whom has graced our little kingdom with her presence. What a tremendous gift her father and I have been given, to raise and nurture this sweet, sometimes shy, quick to smile, strong and smart little princess.
Today, and hopefully every day, we celebrate the gift of YOU, Annie! (Even though you can't read this, and are even now, in your sleep, wondering whatever did you do differently today to get the kind of attention and gifts you got! You'll have to try it again tomorrow.)

PS. If you get the chance, click on the "Martin Family" blog listed in my favorite places. This family is facing such harsh times in their lives and could certainly use your prayers. I think of this family so very much....


Deva said…
I can't believe your baby girl is already one year old, my goodness time goes by so fast! My baby Brandon will be off to Clemson University in about two months, I can't believe he is already in his thrid year at college. P.S. the house looks great with your new rugs. Love, Deva

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