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With barely a nod for "hello", he whipped through the first few items and stopped short when I handed him the limp banana peel, along with a healthy, whole banana.

The accusatory look he shot me was fitting for a jewelry thief suspect.

"You're supposed to have it weighed BEFORE eating the banana."

Wait a minute here, little shrimp.

"Oh, no, sir... (why on earth am I calling an adolescent 14 year old male 'sir'?) I did not eat the banana. It was for my hungry little guy who was tired of sitting in the shopping cart. He saw the banana's, started hyperventalating and I grabbed one and another just like it so you could ring it up, and it would be paid for. I did not eat the banana (why am I reiterating this point, I wonder. Who cares who ate the darn banana)."

Even with the explaination and a decidedly friendly smile, he still treated me as though I had attempted grand theft, and to increase his annoyance, I failed to follow the (obvious) directions on the payment contraption so generously provided to paying customers.

These events occuring in Aisle 8 at Shady Maple Farm Market, my friend, was the most eventful thing in my day. Possibly week.

I have been without a computer for the most part, the past two weeks. It is a healthy 'fast' for me, but I do miss it! It has been an uneventful past few days, but as I've mentioned before, this is a gift!

I have been reading "25 Suprising Marriages" by William J. Petersen. A comment by Ruth Graham in their chapter, was what I needed to read as some days I feel mentally dull. She was quoted by saying "There's nothing greatly stimulating about wiping noses or cleaning muddy shoes and the dirt they leave. A mother must realize that God put her there."

It is true. It was good to be reminded.

While there are moments when I feel as though the only talent I have left (not that I had a storehouse of them before children) is changing diapers with the speed of Andretti, or harmonizing with Ernie (which I found myself doing tonight, in fact)...even though there are moments of that 'feeling', I can truthfully say I do not have 'wanderlust'. I am not discontent, always looking over my shoulder at the other women who 'do' so much more -and do it more glamorously-in a day than I.

This is where God has me...and what gifts He has given me to cherish and train! I just love 'em so much. The picture below is of these 'gifts' awaiting their daddy's arrival home from work. Once they get him in view, they are beside themselves with excitement, which includes knocking, clapping, leg pumping and shrieking. I can't imagine a sweeter fan club. Neither can their daddy.

Again, this is a 'late night' posting, and I am simply too tired to go much deeper than I do (diaper changing, nose wiping and obedience training can wear a woman out!). Maybe the computer charger I am awaiting on UPS for will arrive soon, and Ican post mid-day, which is a clearer time for me!

I hope all is well in your corner. Thanks for stopping by mine!


Anonymous said…
I love your banana "episode". Just last week Adam threw a fit and tried to twist and wiggle his way to the back of the cart after I put a bunch of bananas in.
Thank goodness I didnt give him one, who knew the trouble I could've gotten into!
Anonymous said…
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