Got Nothing.

It is a foolish woman who has five small children and promises to have a "piece" written on a particular date. How can she know what that day or days preceding will be like? How could she guarantee that she will not be within inches of slipping into a little white suit and carted off to a windowless room because it was just one of those 'full moon' days in which the children she is trying to raise into polite and loving adults, seemingly feel more comfortable morphing into something one would find on an episode of "Wild Wild America"? Today they were morphing in group form, and all I could think to do was wildly wave my arms and raise my voice as I watched it all happen. Sad little woman I am. I know better, but sometimes I forget in the moment.

There were questions given in response to my former post which I looked forward to answering in a lighthearted way...but that would have require a measure of wit, and I have none. In fact, it's a challenge after this day, to string appropriate words to make a full sentence.

Ever have one of those days...weeks...where you really just want to stay crawled up under the warm sheets in the morning, waiting until the nanny/housemaid you know isn't really coming, peeks her head in the door and in her cheery little English accents says:

"Good morning, ma'm! Just stay put. I'll have Belvedere bring your coffee up for you. The children are already dressed and practicing their Latin over porridge. It's all fine and dandy. I'll touch base with you at noon. Oh,and here's the morning paper. It's full of good news!"

I'm pretty sure that is what Heaven will be like.
And that's all i have, or can, say for tonight.
Thanks for understanding.




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