Dangerous Wonder

Good morning (or afternoon, evening...whenever!), my friend!

It's early morning here in our new little haven. It was even earlier that I awoke, in part because of a feeding and then 2 little sets of beady blue eyes that were WIDE awake, a coughing 3 year old and a 2 year old who repeatedly requested a nice tall cold sippy cup of lemonade. All shortly before or at 3am.

I have been trying to get in the habit of waking up at 4:50am, like my great grandma used to do, in order to keep a few steps ahead of the children...and to get myself physically and mentally ready for the day. Honestly, looking like a hag does nothing for my confidence and abilty to do the job of mothering. It almost always makes me feel like a dope in the deepest of ways and I detest using the precious naptime hour to work on being presentable. So on the mornings that I wake up early, the days go so much better. (Now-- do not drop by expecting to see Grace Kelly traipsing around in her little black cocktail dress and white pearls...just someone who actually has showered in the last 24 hours and doesn't have 3 days worth of plaque build up. Although, it is certainly NOT beyond the realm of possibilty that that's what you would get!). YET, I do not beat myself up when I sleep in NOR do I hold this as a standard for all women. Just a survival tactic for me.

I am reading a marvelous book (in small incriments) entitled "Dangerous Wonder" by Michael Yaconelli. The subtitle is "The Adventure of Childlike Faith". Although only into chapter 3, there are highlight/pen marks all over the place. I thought I would share one itsy portion I read this morning that is sticking with me:

"Curiosity requires courage. You must be willing to ask questions even when they threaten everyone around you. Faith is more than believing, it is an act of courage, a bold grasping of God's truth. Faith is a wrestling match with God, an intense struggle with truth in an attempt to squeeze every bit of knowledge out of it. Curiosity is the shape of our hunger for God. (and this is my favorite part!)We question God without apology, we march into the presence of God bringing our armfuls of questions-without fear-because God is not afraid of them. People are afraid. Institutions are afraid. But God is not!

I want to write more, but the spell of quiet has lifted, and two little mouths are crying out for milk. I hear stirrings upstairs, but I'm choosing to go deaf to those right now....besides they are learning to just lay and talk to one another while the sun rises. Nothing wrong with that! (and in fact, I'm a little jealous!).

My wish for you is a meaningful Thanksgiving, with many blessings that come to mind...


Anonymous said…
Happy Thanksgiving Jeane! It was so wonderful to read this post this morning, I missed hearing from you very much! Guess what? Buddy and I are half way through in writing our book! Thank you for your encouragement and love when you inspired me to write our story. I love you lots! You are always in my thoughts and prayers!
Christina from Florida
Aunt Sharon said I must read your blog today, and I did. She said I will laugh out loud when I read it...and I did. She said she hopes you write a book someday, since you are such a good writer...I agreed. And, I must say, I would really like to read the book you are reading. Great quotes from the book!

Love your family picture!
Sara said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you....& your family!! Hope you're adjusting to the new home & surroundings.... Can't wait to meet the little ones....love seeing the different pictures of them. You truly are amazing.... Think of you often!!
i love you so much!! and i agree w/ your Mom and Aunt Sharon...someday these musings will be published!

p.s. my word verification word is "up do" appropriate to this post i would say!!! :-)

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