This is what I am (figuaratively speaking) able to catch - thanks to the endless generosity and love of the two people pictured below (and the one you'll find at the end of this post). I cannot speak highly enough of the support my parents have given to us, as we are in a whirlwind of transition during October and November. Our children absolutely LOVE to go to "Mawmaw and Pawpaw's", where they are loved and allowed to have 'so much fun' (as my little guy tells me). It is their home away from home, and I am immeasurably grateful to have them close and even more, so willing to sacrificially lend so much support! I do not take it for granted.

Our little guys were- by definition of their 'womb situation'- identical twins, but as far as actually taking on IDENTICAL far, we are able to see differences...the main being one having more hair than the other. They are sporting their first little outfits bought and delivered to them straight from their wonderful Auntie Ashley, who we will see in just a few short weeks! A human walking, talking Milking Parlor....that's what I could have been for Halloween. Out of sheer neccessity (to keep sane, and from nursing 27/7) I have, from the very beginning, taken on what they call 'tandem nursing'...and this is the view from behind, which my parents found rather amusing with those little legs sticking out from either side of me. At first, while in the hospital, I was quite uncertain as to how this would logistically work, but thanks to practice and a super-duper 'twin' nursing pillow suggested to me by my fellow twin-mamma cousin, Lindsay, it has become far more do-able!

It is interesting to me how many opinons there are out there about different aspects of mothering...and how adamently people hold on to them! While I certainly believe there are areas of black and white, right and wrong areas of life, I also feel that there are things that just aren't worth forcing one's opinion or judgement on. Do you love your child? Do you strive to do right by them? Wonderful!!! THAT is of supreme importance! Whether or not one breastfeeds or bottle feeds (I've done both, and see the benefits of both), or whether one choses natural childbirth or dips into the "epidural well" is completely and utterly up to them! Way to go, either way! (Personally, I have stopped just short of kissing each of my Anestesiologists full on the lips, in respect to my husband standing nearby! This last time, I asked the administrating doc if anyone had told him he looked like Harrison Ford, and I think he liked that better than the kiss I was prepared to give him for making me so comfortable. If you think me wimpy, that's A-OK by me! I truly admire the women that chose to do without and think that's great too!

On Saturday, we had a 'work day' at our new place...and so many wonderful friends came to help us out! One special visitor was my dear friend (and first grade teacher!), Linda. She is a remarkable person, who has made quite an impact in my life...including introducing me to the marvelous, imaginative world of reading. She would turn out the lights after lunch, let us lay our heads on our wooden desks, and read to us from books like "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe", "Treasures of the Snow" and "The Box Car Children"....all which I have since reread many times are among my favorite books ever! She will live only 6 minutes from our new home and has offered to occassionally stop by and read to my children. What a dream!!!!! When I will ever learn that planned group pictures will never turn out perfect,,,it's just not possible this side of Heaven (not to mention it says so on page 179 of The Official Parent Handbook)!!! Even after bringing bribing tools (which was dumb to give them during the photo shoot, as most of them have white sticks hanging out of their mouths), and having three adults helping--STILL there was not one picture that was ideal. Yet--this is how life is right now. Who am I trying to fool/impress...besides my own pride??? So, they are..... The view from my rear view mirror.....with Rick in here yet, this makes for a VERY full vehicle. For a woman who vowed she would never drive a mini-van, the fact that a 12 passenger van is probably in our future is unbelievable...and I see it as a need that signifies a HUGE gift from God (with tracings of His sense of humor). Those years that were filled with ectopic, stillbirth and miscarriage-ending pregnancies seem light years away. If we could have only known..... Some children like toys. My children? Any sink with running water or any cupboard that will open. Toys 'R Us would not survive on our family! (except maybe their Dora The Explorer DVD section. We do not have cable, and will not at the new place, so we rely on DVDS...and currently, Dora and Diego are IN!

And I leave you with a picture of a young woman who once was the little baby who I helped my mom with...and now she is being a tremendous, helpful, loving aunt to my children! I appreciate her so very, very much!!!


Emily Anne said…
thanks for posting the nursing pic. i think i'm missing it a little. i'm still making milk if you ever need a break....i'm kidding everyone!
ajwatson722 said…
I love this post! I can't wait to hold those little guys again (and give the other three a squeeze!)! Emily, I think that would be a great, unique way to help Jeane'. haha.
Wanda said…
My daughter must think I'm crazy! All she knows is I'm holding this laptop thing on my lap and then I just burst out laughing! Oh, Jeane! THANK YOU for the beautiful pictures and your inspiring words! I love the nursing pic, the pic of your children together and the one in the mode of transportation! Whoa!

Skip the 12-passenger van and head straight for the mini bus! Just kidding, my love! Remember the big ol' van your mom drove to LCS...who ever would have thought...

I loved what you said about how people insist on this or that parenting ways. I loved having Lisa to ask questions about pregnancy & parenting. You know how all those people say it's just terrible to drink caffine while your pregnant? I asked Lisa about can a prego mom stay awake and function -take care of her other children - without some caffine? Lisa looked at me (prego herself at the time) and downed a whole glass of iced tea! Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do! Our children are just fine!

Do what you gotta do! Much love!
Such a fun post, so many great pictures! you are doing such a great job with those precious little boys and your other cuties too! :) Can't wait to get to hold them again later today!
Love you, Linds
Elizabeth said…
Hi Jeane'! Congratulations on your new additions. They are absolutely precious and I know your mother must be estatic. What a blessing to live so close to one another. Enjoy every second and make lots of memories. I don't have to tell you how quickly they grow. I'll be stopping by again soon.

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