Still Alive and Kickin'...all 8 of us!

I have been away a long, long time I know!! My 'big' laptop had died a long, but certain death, and I was given a teensy, tiny one to use. This particular laptop now in possession has not only increased the number of crow's feet from the squinting, but I have also yet to find a way to---wait! I JUST DID IT!!!---I just found a way to post pictures again! Praise God! You just might see more of me now! It was simply no fun posting without any pictures. I have missed writing, although the time and inspiration to do so has been sorely lacking. Because of two falls yesterday, I am under the 'strict' supervision of my husband who is making sure I stay on the couch for most of the day, and has given me his super duper laptop to use at my leisure!
Thus today, I am putting on a mish-mosh of pictures from our summer for your curious perusal.Along the way, I will share with you a few of the silly little random thoughts and lessons learned during this summer of '09...
(I am still learning how this layout program works, so I might cut it short as I am getting a tad bit frustrated with it! I'll post what I can now, and continue it later as time allows...)
1.) Teenage boys have stomachs that never, ever end. I don't know if it was the turning of 15, but I frequently find our good son, Rick, standing at the open door of the fridge...just standing there, as if a hand was going to reach out with a ready made snack that perfectly matches the craving he has, but does not have the foggiest of what it ingredients it involves. I've noticed his once skinny shoulders are better described as strapping and his height just about exceeds mine. He is a our entire family. I know teenagers tend to live as though the world revolves around them, and he is not always exempt from that stereotype, but he truly is extra-special.
2.) Healthy men retain their propensity for boyishness all their lives...such as the ones below.
(There is only one brother missing...otherwise this is the motley crew that gave their parents a good run for their money! Curt calls this picture "children of the corn").
3.)Being 28 weeks pregnant with twins is akin to being 38 weeks pregnant with a singleton--and my body is feeling it! Gratefully, I have a wonderful support system of husband and family and friends who have been so entirely helpful!! They are both head down, and while they are both extremely active, one in particular is extremely busy, almost knowing when a medical professional is trying to measure any part of their body or heart rate, as he/she flip and flop unceasingly! Good thing, as I was getting kinda bored with just four....
4.) Children come in such unique two are alike! ( I news flash there!). The pictures taken below were during 'Camp Meeting'-a two week period of old-time church revival meetings held at an old camp meeting ground, at which we have a cabin. Curt has attended since he was a teenager, and the tradition continues with Rick. The children and I made about 3 or 4 visits out there, and they enjoyed their time very much! (including C. who loved 'preschool', thanks to his great teacher, Aunt Tracey). Would you believe that at this, of all places, is where my wonderful sister-in-law just blessed my socks off by giving me a big brand-spankin' new Vera Bradly purse and makeup bag she found during an incredible sale in a nearby town? I would have NEVER expected to walk out of that rustic little camp with such a gift! Thank you to Tracey!
5.) Chick-Fil-A is HANDS DOWN the BEST place I have ever taken my children to eat. I know, it's not a 'nice' restaurant, but the one in our neck of the woods could not possibly any more accomodating to this tired mama who occasionally looks to celebrate 'pay day' in a special way with her kiddos (who have largely been house bound in this summer heat/humidity due to their mother's low, low tolerance of it!). They have an entire table at the entrance filled with little containers of Cheerio's, place mats that STICK to the table (brilliant!!!), wipes, take home bags and other little trinkets. They bring my food to the table, an older gentlemen, Warren, comes around every time and asks if we are enjoying ourselves and then they are off to the lovely indoor (sound proof!) playroom that my children LOVE! I cannot promote it highly enough....
6.) Hormones are a real and present reality. :) My dear, dear patient husband...let's just say this is the most hormonal I have EVER been, and there are plenty of days when I don't even like myself...sometimes, it's like an out of body experience. I know I am being irrational, but I don't know what to do about it! Thankfully, it's not been extremely bad (as in, my children are not in danger), but it's been more than 'normal' pregnancies.
7.) There are very few things in life that do not change. This little place on the Chesapeake Bay is one of them. This was the favorite 'vacation spot' of my dad's when he was a little boy. And this past weekend, he was able to enjoy it all over again through the eyes of a child--with his grandson. So much fun to watch! (I also must mention what a GIFT my parents have been in this busy season of life. The only daycare these children know right now is "MawMaw and PawPaw" (and lately, it's been a few 'nightcares' too). Thank you sooooo much, mom and dad, for making your home a place where they are loved and look forward to going too...)

9.) Finally, getting out once in a while with good friends is becoming more rare...and even more treasured!!! )
More and more I am witness to the fact that the unique partnership called 'marriage' is under much attack. However, it is a partnership SO worth guarding and fighting for! Thanks to couples like Glenn and Jane and James and Jen for being a couples in our life who, along with many others we are privaleged to call friends, are committed to protecting what is precious and good.Thank God for His sufficient and necessary help in doing this....).

Thank you for taking the time to catch up with me....It feels good to have this little corner of my internet world FINALLY updated!


I knew it would happen eventually...a blog update. This one was truly worth waiting for. Your gift of writing causes me to thoroughly enjoy each of my visits to this blog. I must say, that as your mother I have never admired you more than I do now, as I observe you on this life journey you have found yourself on. Thank you for the gift of another post about you and your family.
Jen said…
Yay! My frequent & hopeful visits to your blog have now paid off. A long, newsy, post with lots of pictures! Jeane`, those first two pictures of you - vavava voom! Wow, I thought I was looking at a page from Victoria magazine with a mysterious and elegant woman amidst a field in the breeze. Gorgeous!!! Thanks for a beautiful snapshot of your summer. Hope you and those bambinos are resting after your fall...Love, Jen
Terri said…
FINALLY!!! I keep checking in to see when you update and post pics of your growing twins! Sounds like you enjoyed alot of rest and fun w/your family in your stay-cation! Probably just what you needed to get through another week! Hoping all is well and the babies continue to grow strong and healthy! LOVE the first pic of you!
i missed you!! welcome back! you are amazing Jeane and I look forward to transitioning along with you into this next season!
Wanda said…
YEA! It's wonderful to "SEE" you again, Mrs. Marvelous Jeane! Thanks for sharing! Love you!
Landis said…
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Landis said…
(This is Janelle) :) ...just had to comment. I LOVE the first two pictures of you! Pure beauty!! All I can say is, you are amazing! What a great example of strength you are to all women, especially mothers.
Dale said…
Wow! You're back! I loved Tank Tops, but it's nice to read your wonderful words again. Have been thinking alot about you and your dear family, and your super helpers, Paw Paw and Maw Maw. You are as beautiful as ever. Thanks for a great post and pictures.
Hi Jeane,
Its awesome to see you today in your writings and photos. You look radiantly beautiful:)
I've missed reading your posts on your blog, its so good to be reading your thoughts again:)
Thank you for being you!
You mean so very much to me!

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