Double Yolk Eggs (& other surprises)

This morning the first egg I cracked open was of the double yolk variety.

On most mornings, this would be nothing more than a barely noticed oddity.

But on this particular morning, it held a striking symbolism and a clear reminder that my yesterday was not a dream.


It has been over a month since I have posted anything. I am ok with that. Blogging is not something I beat myself over if I am not as consistent as I would like. Lately, most days it is enough that they children are alive and relatively unscathed at the end of the day. You see, on March 12, after denying that my extreme exhaustion, bloated belly and intense food cravings were simply PMS symptoms, I finally called my dear husband and requested that HE stop at the local CVS and pick up a test of the 'pee-on' sort. He did (and bought the 'good brand', no less! We did not want to tamper with questionable results of the Dollar Tree brand).

Sure enough, two flaming pink lines came bursting forth.


And this, after we thought we were so faithfully doing our part to keep another pregnancy practically impossible!!

5 children, 4 of whom will be age 3 and under?


God help me.

(And I knew He would).

I was in no hurry to call the doctor, but i finally decided I would kind of like to know where I am at in this process. An April 6th appointment was made.

Yesterday I went in to the same doctor's office in whom I have now spent countless hours going in and out of over the years...sometimes with great sadness, sometimes in great weariness and many times in a thankful spirit.

As Curt and I walked out of the door yesterday afternoon, we found ourselves walking away in great shock and surprise.

For they did not find one heartbeat.

They found TWO!!!!

If I recall correctly, I kept saying "NO WAY!!!!!?!?!?" about 20 times.

Putting aside the wearying thought of adding two more to the three little ones staying at my mom's, the sight of two little perfect embryos floating around inside me was nothing short of miraculous. Unbelievable. Once in (not every one's) a life time.

6 children, 5 of whom will be age 3 and under.

I am still processing this information and while I am totally surprised, I am also grateful. I do not take these lives for granted one little bit. I take them as from the hand and heart of God.

I recognize that someone very dear to me, who found out she was pregnant at the same time I did, has had to give up her dreams for this child, as she experienced the loss of miscarriage and she is NEVER far from my thoughts and I wonder why her?? She is an exceptional mom... and I struggle with the unfairness of why a neighbor/friend who has for so long wanted a child and is unable to conceive and here I am....

In talking with my grandma this morning, we went over the two sides of a pregnancy loss...and I've been on both sides. It is, by far, harder to be on the 'one who lost' (although I do not care for the word "lost", for I believe with all my heart that those children are anything but 'lost'...they are totally alive and found in their Creator's great and loving care. The loss for the parent is the loss of the expectation for a life lived on this side of Heaven. And it's a sad, sad loss.)

And so I write, wanting to be sensitive to those who have or are experiencing loss in their lives...and yet wanting to share our surprising joy(s!) with you. If you haven't heard from me, you might now have an understanding as to why.

The exhaustion has been my strongest symptom. To sit down on the couch any time past 8 means to resign my eyelids-and my entire being- for the night. My entire body just wants to shut down and I think "Oh, dear Lord, HOW will I do this all again tomorrow?"

And you know what? The next morning comes,
and along with the sunrise, He faithfully serves up the strength to get it done!

I'll try to be more 'regular', as life will be getting even more interesting around here...It might be my only outlet for sanity!! :)

PS. They gave me a due date in early November, but said most likely it will be earlier, depending on how this high-risk pregnancy goes.


oh. my. word. Jeane, come on!! you're kidding right, just running a little late on april fools ???? TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are fruitful trees!!
I'll call you soon. it was great being with you the other day, just BEING, watching our children and living life side by side.
I love you!
Jen said…
It's such a good feeling to know you're alive. It's such a happy feeling: You're growing inside.
And when you wake up ready to say,
"I think I'll make a snappy new day!" It's such a good feeling, a very good feeling, The feeling you know that we're friends.
- Mr. Rogers
This song popped into my head after we spoke! I am still in shock!!! SO excited to see the Lord work in your lives...never typical, but always faithful.
Heather (Moore) Sherman said…
jeane, you probably don't remember me...i graduated with lindsay (hess) heller from lcs in 2000; my name then was heather moore...anyway, i just wanted to tell you congratulations, first of all, and second, i very much enjoy reading your blog! your writing is wonderful and your stories are such a blessing. thank you for sharing them.
still in shock. just had to let you know. i just told Jake over dinner, i wish you could have seen his reaction....classic!

we REJOICE with you and think you should move over this way and hire an amish maid/nanny!! just something to think about! :-)
Words are finally coming for this Grandma...they left for a while the last 24 hours. I love you both and I have total faith in my Heavenly Father that He knows what is best. I have been on the waiting at home end, while you were at your many baby appointments, and I have received many different and sometimes heart breaking and sometimes joyous reports...but this one defys description. I love you Jeane', and I agree with Janelle' last comment. Congratulations on this newest big adventure.
Sylvia said…
My mom called to tell me to read your blog. As it was loading, I jokingly asked if you found out you were having twins. You amaze me! :) This is such great news! ...the egg thing was pretty weird too.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Jeane and Curt! So very exciting!
Anonymous said…
Dear Jeane,
I know you're mom from LCS, and friends with those Sally Martin daughters, and am Sarah (oblender) Gibson's cousin, so I really feel like we SHOULD know each other! Anywhoo, background now over with, I am praying many blessings over you, times two! I have 2 beautiful daughters, but have also suffered some miscarriages. I want you to know I so appreciate your view on those dear babies not being "lost". I remember when my oldest was around 3 and we told her about a miscarriage, she wanted to know the baby's name. Being that I wasn't far enough along to determine the gender, we didn't know the name, but her dear little eyes got big when she proclaimed..."What?! You mean I have a brother or sister that Jesus got to name? That's the BEST, mom!" Healing words from a toddler, for sure! But she's right-He knows us all by name! Sorry this is so long, just wanted to share. You're mother is a dear to all and greatly loved and admired! Looking forward to seeing your new TWINS!! God Bless, Vanessa
Annie said…
" Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made, In him was LIFE..."

Praise God with tears streaming dowm my cheeks for the BEAUTY of these precious LIVES.

I can't think of better people to raise these children and I am SOOO excited for you... only wishing so much that I was next door and could help. :)

Much love and MANY prayers, sweet friend...
Sara said…
Congratulations Jeane.....your Aunt Debbie told me last night..& I was No way.....all I can say is your amazing....& the Lord knew who could handle something like this!!! So happy for you....
Jul Hoober said…
Congrads! Yes, My grandma Stauffer (who had 12 children; that included not one but TWO sets of twins) always said, "the only thing nicer than a new little baby, is TWO new little babies"
God is Faithful and He has richly blessed you guys with "FRUIT". I KNOW He will give you all need to raise them for His glory!
I'll be praying!
love, jul
Wanda said…
Oh, my Jeane! What joy! I'm guessing you and Linds will have much to talk about! Having only 2 children myself, the only suggestion I offer is to be glued to shows like Jon & Kate plus 8! Just kidding! You have a WONDERFUL support system, and now that I know where you live, Jeane, I'd be HAPPY to help babysit! Please don't hesitate to call me! Love you and your 2 little ones to come!

Deva said…
I told you your new name is Fertile Myrtle!! I am going to call the Oprah show or one of those shows and maybe I can get you some help, a bigger house, some nanny's or something. I teared up reading your post and am very happy for ya'll. In 20 years you will look back and ask where did the time go?, my babies are grown and the house is so quiet, too quiet. I love you and will be praying for physical and mental strength for you as you travel on this journey that is orchestrated by God.
Dale said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dale said…
Dearest Jeane,
I had no idea about twins when I wrote earlier this week...God must have moved my fingers to the keys...what a great blessing for you and Curt and your entire family...God will provide for you as you already know, and especially in the babysitting department! We love you and know He will bring honor to His Name through your parenting these little (and big) ones for Him.
love, Dale and Nick

P.S. I'm getting the sign ready for your front yard!
Tracy said…
Hi Jeane,
I'm over from your Mom's blog. After seeing so much about you and your beautiful family there I had stopped by your place a couple of times (though never commenting). Today was one of those days. This most recent news has jarred me out of "lurkdom" and I just had to leave a note.

I can't imagine the shock and joy of this news! I have no doubt this precious miracle was orchestrated by God for such a time as this. You and your husband seem so wonderfully suited for an even larger family!

I loved what you wrote and couldn't agree more about babies in Heaven. I have one, too. My sister has two. Soon after her second miscarriage, she conceived twins (who just celebrated their 11th birthday). She too has a total of 5 children...two older than the twins and one surprise miracle that came when her twins were 2. = ) I suspect the two of you would be good friends.

Sorry for rambling, just wanted to congratulate and encourage you today. Know that a prayer has been lifted on behalf of those sweet miracles and for you, your husband and entire family.

Sweet blessings,
Peter and Kim said…
Your Aunt Barb told me the news on Sunday--of course I was utterly shocked and sitting through church, I found my mind wandering to thoughts of you...does God have a sense of humor?!
One thing we can all rest in--as you trust in him daily for the moments ahead--He is sovereign...totally in control, knows the beginning and the end and HE CAN BE TRUSTED! Plus he gives strength and grace for each and every day! What precious promises! I'll be praying for you, friend, as God brings you to mind! ~Kim

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