I had numerous comments left after my last posting and I want to thank you for them! Receiving comments is akin to finding that handwritten card near the bottom of the stack of junk mail...it just makes me smile. I treasure each and every one! (of course I remember you, Heather! and Vanessa, I feel I should know you too!).

A few of the comments I have heard from women (here and other places) has left me thinking and wanting to share just a few of my thoughts (and few they will be!)....

First of all...to those of you who do not know, before having the children I do, I experienced a ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth (at 27 weeks, our little girl Hope, who I have written of in past posts) and then a miscarriage after that. There was a point in which I clearly remember wondering (doubting) if my body was able to carry a full term, healthy baby or if my husband and my genetic makeup would allow for a child of 'normal' physical make-up.

For whatever reason, God has allowed that trend of ill-fated pregnancies to subside, and we were able to carry three healthy little babies to full term. And now we have these twins who we will pray through this pregnancy as well. I always envision God's hands cradling and/or forming them in the womb...both through the sad and happy pregnancies.

Thus...as I have said before, no life that I have carried has been or will be taken for granted.

Secondly...it is NOT about the numbers.

Yes, 5 under age 3 sounds a bit dramatic..and perhaps daunting. (Ok, scrap the 'perhaps'!).
But I am not more favored, or more loved or more anything by God because I've been entrusted with any particular NUMBER of children. I do not and will not take pride in numbers, as I am merely the vessel for what God's doing in this little corner of the world. And perhaps these little people, because of the specific plans God has for them in the future, need to be familiar with the craziness and complexities of living with multiple siblings. It will help them better carry out whatever it is God has for them to do.

So...I guess what I am trying to say is: It's not about me. It's not about numbers. It's about what I am doing with what I have been given.

If you're a mom of one, that one is needing that one-on-one attention, and there will be great and glorious benefits to that child by having that time with her parent(s). If there is two, three...eighteen...it matters only that the children are loved and shown the way to live life to it's fullest. And as they achieve independence, we can only pray that they chose to live it!!! I had a great friend of mine over today, and she has two beautiful children she has been given through adoption (one of whom is on the road towards adoption). She is an INCREDIBLE mom. I told her even though I might have more children, the demands on her motherhood are far more challenging then I have ever known! She has been given a great task to nurture and love children who have needs far more complicated than my own, and I tremendously admire her dedication to doing just that (even though she is so refreshingly real about the grueling nature of it sometimes!). She is a shining example of motherhood to me.

And thirdly...Here is another truth that is so "in my face" (but not in a spirit of condemnation):

And I will learn it. Mostly by trial and error, I am sure! (even though I am a bit slow. How many times will it take me to realize that if I leave a tube of ANYTHING (ie: Neosporin, toothpaste, diaper rash cream) anywhere within a stool & a little arms reach, they WILL find it. And open it. And squeeze it on to some bodily surface.)

I am not a big fan of parenting books (although there are several great classics out there that I do hope to read--probably after their all grown up. I'll pass the knowledge on to my grandchildren), but I am a big fan of talking to older women whose child rearing days are mostly over, and who I admire in their approach to motherhood. There is real value in that, in my humble estimation.

Well...naptime is almost up. Here are a few pictures of life around the house lately...just in case you still have time to spare and care to be nosey (like I am!).
I would like to say that my son spent extra time praying before the meal, but what was really happening is that he had such a busy day outside helping his dad, he was plumb tuckered out by dinner! Curt thought it would be impossible to wake him out of his deep slumber....

...but eventually (partly spurred on by the challenge of my husband saying it couldn't be done), I took him over to the sink, dipped his hands into freezing cold water, sang a little ditty about eating dinner (it was beautiful, I assure you-brought tears to the eyes of everyone in the room) and then went on to do a rooster impression which got them all laughing...and cok-a-doodle-dooing all through dinner (much to Curt's delight). The thought of him falling asleep at 5:30pm (with no dinner) and then waking up at 3am starving and alert, was enough to get me to do an entire stand up farmyard impersonation show if need be!!! Thankfully, the rooster suficed.

Starting the work ethic early!

They love to help out...so we're taking advantage of it!! Yes, it's messier, less efficient and we don't do it every night, but they must ask to be excused, must thank me for dinner and then at least must carry their plates over to the counter (although they usually try to throw them in the trash can. I guess that phase of using paper plates for every meal wasn't the brightest idea). This night they enjoyed 'washing' the dishes. We won't mention that it mostly involved squeezing the soapy water out of the sponge all over the counter...

Here is little Mackenzie...sweetly observing the craziness around her, like she normally does. Little does she know that within a few months, it's only going to get crazier. (I'm keeping my eye on her! I don't want her to get 'swept under the rug', for she is my child who won't demand attention, but silently wish for it).Christopher sticking Vinyl decals to the front door while Mackenzie watches the world go by outside. (we only provide first class, cutting edge entertainment here for our children!! Ha!)

Thanks again for stopping by. I am sure glad you did.


LisaShaw said…
I'm saddened for the losses you've experienced but I thank God that He has kept you and your precious family through it all. Your family is beautiful. I'm sure you treasure those moments together.

Bless you!
Lulu and Tutz said…
haha! WOW! I've been away for a week too long apparently! DOUBLE YOKES! I know you enjoy a few moments alone in the shop, but, seriously....I can't wait to see these little ones! They must accompany you in the fall! I LOVE twins...there's just something about them. My friend has twin girls..number 4 & 5 of a household of girls. They are as sweet as can be and just make me giggle watching two little bodies doing the same thing at the same time! Praying these sweet things grow healthy and strong these next few months. Congratulations!
Dale said…
Your words are so wise, Jeane...and I thank you for writing so beautifully about being a mother to those God gives us. It seems that God used my child-rearing days to teach ME the most, more than I probably ever taught my little ones...and humbled me so often as I realized how great God's heart is toward us, His children. And I'm so thankful for the wise mothers I learned from. Thank you for sharing your 'ponderings'.
Jen said…
It was great to see you yesterday at good ole' Salem. In the rush of it all, I forgot to tell you we scarfed down the scrumptious Chicken & Swiss casserole you made for us. I had put it in the freezer and saved it for a day I didn't feel like making dinner. Thank you for blessing us with such a delcious meal!!! You are amazing!!
italianlane said…
Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I enjoyed reading every word. And it gives me a better idea of how to pray for you. :) Michelle
hi friend, i'm home again, Baby still inside. want to come over next week? you and i can sit on the couch, gate off the kitchen and let the kids get all the toys out.
Anonymous said…
Hi Jeane
Your in my prayers and thoughts all the time! I wish I could be your neighbor and help you with taking care of your kids/house so you can get some rest and relax, I hope that you are finding some time to do so. Love you much! Christina

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