She's just that kind of person....

Did you ever have a kind of friend that made you want to be a better everything (in a non-guilty kind of way). Who added a touch of beauty upon whatever she touched? Who's home inspired you to make your little corner a bit more lovely?

I do.

Her name is Janelle and today commemorates her 29 years of gracing our world with her vivacious, creative presence. I suppose what I like most about her is how real she is about herself and about life. There isn't a pretentious bone in her body.

I simply thought since I had such a great picture of her, (even though I know she HATES to have attention drawn to herself. ahem.) I would throw her a little mini party at my "Coffee Cottage".

Friendship is a lovely part of life. I am a fortunate, blessed lady to have several that are so instrumental in making me who I am. Much love to each of you today. (Unless I do not know you, you are my friend!) .
Happy Birthday, Janelle!


Vickie said…
Jeane, How wonderful to be invited to Janelle's party today! She is an amazing friend to me as well. I celebrate her along with you! I have enjoyed dropping by your cottage from time to time, albeit unannounced. Thank you for the open door.

Enjoy your day!

Janelle's friend...Vickie, Monroe, NC
Anonymous said…
i agree. we are blessed to call janelle our friend. blessings to her!
come on, this is too much to handle...all this love!!! THANK YOU JEANE for being such a dear friend. see you on MONDAY!!! do we have a time yet??

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