Baby Jesus and the Elf on the Shelf

Hello, friend! Welcome to the cottage...

It is I, your friendly neighborhood gal, writing to say that I have failed to impart the true meaning of Christmas to my one year old little man (surprise!surprise!). We have several traditions, some old and a few new, that have taken their place within the Miller home. One of them is to set up the nativity scene together. (I know, I know...what should I expect?? That a 1 year old would gingerly remove each ceramic figurine from the Styrofoam molds and hand it to me, with an inquisitive look as to what role he/she played in the true Christmas story?? Yea, right. And the sun will rise in the west. I know...)

In our nativity set, baby Jesus and the manger are all sculpted into one small rectangular type piece. As I was holding it up to Christopher and attempting to explain in simple (VERY simple) terms, he grabbed it out of my hands. I thought to myself , "Oh how sweet, he wants to hold him!!!". But I thought too soon. I watched as, rather, he held him up to his ear and began 'talking'. I realized the manager was about the same size as my cell phone is folded up., he's NOT hugging baby Jesus, but at least he's talking to him!!!! Maybe next year. Or the next. At least I tried.

A new tradition this year is from a little book/elf doll set I found in Texas while visiting Ashley. It was more than I wanted to spend, but I think it will be totally worth it. Even my oldest (13 years old) is into it, but he would say he is only for the sake of the younger ones (who have no clue yet). It's called "Elf on the Shelf". It's a story book that comes with this adorable little pixie elf (it looks antique) that the parents bring out after Thanksgiving and every day he watches the little children of the house and every night he flies back to Santa at the North Pole and reports to Santa whether they have been good or naughty that day. Each morning he returns to your home, except in a different location (if the parent remembers). The children run to find where he is at, and they may talk to him,but they cannot touch him. Each family is to name their own "Elf on the Shelf", and ours is called "Bumble". (Because the same day we bought him, Christopher was stung by a bee).

Now I realize this Elf has nothing to do with the real meaning of Christmas, but some year when they are older, it will be fun. He already looks for him in the morning. I didn't grow up with any thought to Santa or anything like it, and I had a perfectly wonderful childhood. Curt grew up with his dad actually leaving "Santa's footprints" on the living room we will both bring different traditions to our family & hopefully, our children will be balanced!

I hope you're having a good one. I hear Christopher upstairs yelling for me in his crib where he is supposed to be napping. Oh well, yelling "mama" never hurt anyone. I'll quietly check on him in a bit to make sure he hasn't maimed himself, but for me, nap time is non-negotiable. Until their 18 and ready to move out of this house, there will be mandatory rest periods. Ok..maybe not 18, but at the very least, 5 years old.

Naps are sanity keepers for moms and happiness-helpers for children, even if they don't appreciate it as such.

Have a happy Thursday. It is hard to believe a week ago at this moment I was sitting down to a glorious Thanksgiving feast. Today, it was grilled cheese and water. And I am equally as grateful.


oh where, oh where is bumble today?? how fun is that?? i'm just glad Christopher didn't throw Jesus to the ground! we'll take what we can get! yesterday at bible study Tyler's class did a little Christmas singing in front of us. the boy beside Tyler kept hitting him, i was soooo annoyed. i was about to go up there myself!!! finally, Tyler just moved to the edge of the stage and kept singing/doing the motions. that's my boy!! see you monday!! whoo-hoo.

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