Out of the Spin Cycle.

 In my last post, I shared the absolute need within myself to detox for information overload and desire to keep life as unscheduled as possible. I am still on this trajectory for simplicity (I know you've been wondering.)

Living where we do and driving to where we go, it is exceedingly easy to gain inspiration by merely looking out the window to our neighbors-in-black who easily have the upper-hand in living life without unnecessary distraction and uncluttered focus.

As we slowed up past this homestead, it came to me that in my quest for clarity of mind, one of the most effective means towards that end is to take my over-stimulated brain out of the spin-cycle that is constant news/updates/shared links/articles or videos gone-viral and to give it the time to air out as needed.

I would love to write more, but currently it sounds like a herd of cattle are storming the stairs as bedtime nigh approaches. This simplifying stuff does not make life quieter or less like a cattle drive, it just makes the herd-woman's nervous tick a little less evident and her ability to stay in the saddle a little more sure.


Anna Urquhart said…
Love these pictures! Keep simplifying. It's amazing the clarity of thought and profundity that comes....
I am not sure it would be humanly possible for you to be out of the "spin cycle" at this time of your very busy life, but I must admit, these pictures sure depict calmness and beauty. Thanks for the smile today.

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