The Gathering.

 Good Monday Morning, friends. 

I'm coming to you from Grand Central Station (the one located in the stairwell of our old house, where my desk is located), so this will not be a word-filled visit. To be honest, words would not do the subject justice, as the pictures will speak for themselves.

Did you ever wish Mr. Rogers was still broadcast into your living room? Did you want Mr. Rogers as your actual neighbor as a child? Me too. 

Wish though I might, I have been fortunate to discover these past three years that there is someone who lives a few houses down from mine who is equally brilliant at making people feel special and creating a welcoming place to gather. While I have spoken of her here before, let me reintroduce you: my dear neighbor and friend, Rachel.

While she doesn't wear zip up cardigans or toss her sneakers from hand to hand as she puts them on, she DID create a beautiful "Land of Make Believe" for her neighbor friends last night. Except it wasn't was beautifully, creatively, sparkling with autumnal touches everywhere REAL.

In her once-a-year event that leaves her creative heart fulfilled, here are a few pictures from the Fall Fete she hosted in her transformed backyard. Enjoy and be inspired!

She and her husband constructed a nice long table out of free pallets.

 The evening with it's company and ambiance was so compelling, we had no inkling to break the spell until the last remaining tea light slowly diminished. 

Everyone has different ways of making people feel special. Rachel shared her gift for gathering beauty, arranging it with simple things and then enveloping her friends/neighbor's in it's warm glow. I walked back home last night feeling very grateful to live in this small town whose Main Street boasts a woman who, not only last night, creates rippling effects of good with her kindness.

I pray to do the same. Not with a party, but with my words, my watchfulness of who is around me and lavishing their lives with Love. That is where real change for the good happens, on front porch stoops and across kitchen tables.


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