Pretty. Special.

There are people in the business of making other people pretty.
It is their occupation.
There are also people who specialize in making people feel pretty special.
It is who they are.

Andi is a woman who does and is both.

I am fortunate to have been one of the many made to feel special by her since arriving onto the world's scene some thirty plus years ago (no doubt she was only ten at the time! wink! wink!). This past Friday morning she called me and asked, "Do you have the day free?" I told her it was wide open. She asked if I could bring my girl's in to give a new (young) stylist at her salon a little practice with children. The girls would be treated to a manicure AND a hair cut. With a few calls, and a kind agreement from my mom to stay here with the boys for an hour, our appointment was made.

My girl's had never seen the inside of a salon before
(and this might have been painfully obvious for those who have seen their hair lately), but were immediately taken in with kindness and attention.  Annie willingly submitted her nails over to Sam, the new stylist. The littlest one was skeptical at first, but "Grandi Andi" took her on, and quickly won her over. These are the cell phone picturens that document an extra special afternoon, made possible by an extra special lady. Love you, Andi! 
I cannot thank you enough!

One of these nails is not like other, one of these nails are just not the same...find the UNmanicured nail, that's how you play this game!

Andi working her magic on our little hurricane who usually barely stands still enough to let us fully rinse her hair.

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

~Maya Angelou


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