Of Turning Two...

Christopher turned 2 years old yesterday.

It was the second of a string of birthdays that this family celebrates within a 3 week period. Next week, Rick's turn is up!

The day started out with a special treat...Marshmallow Matey's! He loves the Marshmallows, but not the Matey's (oat cereal part) so much! I bought these for Rick, and Christopher found them by accident....but (he thinks to himself) what a 'glorious' arrangment of fate it was!!!
He had a fun friend over for lunch! Tyler Stoltzfus and his little brother, Luke, joined us for some morning fun!

Last night's theme was Elmo (& friends), quickly put together after a run to the Dollar Tree and rummaging through their toy box. We dined to the tune of KFC (thank you mom & dad!!) and found it fun to watch what a birthday looks like through 2 year old eyes. This particular two year old has very expressive ones, so it is relatively easy to detect what emotions he is feeling at any given time.

Here are three of his favorite guys anywhere. ever. Daddy. Brother (that is what he calls him) and Pawpaw (in the background with Annie).

I had a video of us singing "Happy Birthday" to him, but I figured you did not need to hear my unnatural and fake soprano singing voice...so I opted to give you a glimps of many things captured from my afternoon on the day after. If anyone reading is a psych. major, this footage should be revealing of what our little human natures are capable of at such an early age. Suprise, joy, excitement, deviousness, deception and guilt. The last three adjectives can be found soon after he 'kindly' gives the birthday card he received in the mail today to his little sister. One might call the act a generous and kind one...but be careful to watch the deft hand movements of the newly turned 2 year old. In it you will see a carefully constructed ploy to distract and then steal. And he figured if he wasn't too quick in his movements, and if he kept still, the old hag (mother) might not notice...she's not that quick, you know. (or so he thinks!). Annie is suffering from a pretty painful diaper rash and thus I'm trying to keep her as cool and 'unrestricted' as possible. But even if she weren't, you might still find her in a shirt and diaper, i must be honest!



Anonymous said…
oh my word, that made my day! i got a hoot and a chuckle out of that little christopher, thinking he was so very very slick! (and for a 2 year old, he was pretty slick) distract & steal! : )

happy birthday christopher.
Deva said…
Christopher can dance better than my 40 year old husband, but don't tell Jamie I said that. I loved that video clip, I can't even download a cute background for my blog and here you are posting video's. They are so sweet, I hope Annie's rash is better, down here we use something called Flander's Butt Cream. It works great. Love ya, Deva

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